Current Astro Events – March 22, 2019

Even though we’re in a new beginning and the astrological New Year with the Sun in Aries, it’s a strange period with a mix of conflicting energies. So I’ll break down some major themes for you.

Chiron (The Wound/Wounded Healer Archetype) is is with the Sun through mid-week, bringing up questions and issues that speak to who you are. Your identity. What’s missing or off?

No matter how you’ve worked to transcend any perceived lack, unhealed remnants that remain are ripe for revealing themselves now. At least internally. Or maybe your identity is shifting and you’re not sure who you are now; not the old version, but what/who is the emerging expression??

Chiron issues are an inside job – and you can only BE yourself when you are truly connected to your inner Self. So this is the inquiry: where am I, what resonates with me, where can I be my best, what works for me?

It’s totally personal, so don’t look for approval or for others to necessarily agree with you (unless they are open). What’s right for you may not fit in with those around you. That’s why people often suppress authenticity – for fear of letting go, abandonment or disconnection.

I think you really don’t have a choice if you want to be healthy and well. So explore, inquire within and see what needs attention in your life setup to bring you greater peace, awareness, happiness and satisfaction. This is the work.

We are in the final week of Mercury Retrograde, w/ Mercury stationing on Thurs, March 28 to turn Direct. Although normally this turnaround would free up the Retrograde energy, we have Mercury sitting on Neptune (Ruler of Pisces) through early April, generating an ongoing nonlinear mental experience that can challenge your usual left-brain clarity.

Mercury-Neptune is good for intuitive pursuits and decision-making (yes-no), spiritual practices, creative projects, dreams, contemplation, being in nature and presence. It supports multidimensional awareness (the Higher mind), potentially opening new doors and directions.

It’s not so handy for doing your taxes or anything that requires precision, so double-check the details, even after Mercury turns Direct on March 28, for the following week. Does this mean don’t make plans? No, but prepare to be flexible and flow with changes as needed. Give yourself extra time and space to accomplish tasks and don’t panic.

Fear brings your vibration down, so don’t allow yourself to descend into worry (a lower expression of Mercury-Neptune). Use your mind to create what you want by directing it intentionally or allow yourself to take a break and relax. But don’t follow your mind into a dark alley somewhere – you know what I mean… it can always find something to worry about.

Venus moves into Pisces on Tues, March 26, its sign of exaltation. Venus in Pisces speaks to love, relationships, compassion, Divine Love (All Are One), empathy, style and creativity. Venus squares Uranus (change) on Wed, March 27, so maybe you’ll be inspired to express yourself some new way or shake up some stale aspect of your life.

These Mercury-Neptune days can feel long and drawn out, as if life is in slow motion. Allow the structures in your life to provide boundaries that Pisces and Neptune lack, appreciating the container they provide.

Everything has a purpose, even if we don’t recognize it in the moment. Trust that and move forward in ways that nurture your spirit. You are creating the next leg of your journey now, so move forward gently with intention. It will serve you well.



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