Current Astro Events – March 15, 2019

No matter how you’ve looked at life before, be willing to see through a new lens, as old structures shapeshift courtesy of Neptune and Mercury Retrograde in Pisces. You may feel disoriented as old structures dissolve, but all is well. Remember, we are in the undoing and reorganizing, soon to move forward again.

Sat, March 16 – Mercury sextiles Pluto. This facilitates deep conversations that can rectify misunderstandings or create breakthroughs, as your willingness to get the real story increases exponentially.

Hidden truths can emerge to change the playing field, and the gift is that you finally know the truth. Whether memories from your unconscious or a secret, getting real allows you to be in your power. When it comes to information, fantasyland (lower expression of Pisces) is an anesthetic.

Sun, March 17 – Mercury sextiles Mars, allowing you to speak up and take a stand for what’s on your mind, with clarity and focus. To advocate for yourself or another (maybe what you discovered yesterday).

We flow through the final days of Pisces thru Wed, March 20, when there is so much cosmic activity, I’ll need to break it down for you.

* Courageous Mars trines Pluto – you can access the power to act with unstoppable feelings of certainty. Great energy for manifesting!

* Mercury sextile Saturn – fertile ground for planning, creating content and structures, organizing, communicating, networking. Grounded ideas with practical methods to make them real.

* The Spring Equinox is 5:58pm EST,  official beginning of Spring as the Sun enters fiery Aries – the Maverick, Pioneer and Warrior. The Equinox is the balance between light and dark, but Aries is an action sign. Take an action and plant a seed toward what you want to create to honor this new beginning.

* Finally, we have a Full SuperMoon in Libra at 9:43pm EST, with the Sun in willful Aries and Moon in harmonious Libra. A SuperMoon is when the Moon is especially close to the earth, making its effects felt even more keenly. Just what we need – more emotional energy :))

The polarity is Aries Sun and Libra Moon. That’s the focus: how you relate to others and how you get your needs met in relationships. Sacrifice is a lower expression of Libra, who needs everyone to be happy so they can relax…

Can you take care of yourself AND be present for another? That’s the goal. It is a mindset and a boundary issue – skills you can learn and practice if either is lacking. FYI – old codependent ways of relating call for an upgrade and for retraining if you want to be happy and empowered.

After a monumental ending (Pisces), new beginning (Aries) and Full SuperMoon, on March 21 we have two Venus aspects – first she squares active Mars and then sextiles happy, lucky Jupiter.

Venus square Mars is sexy (yin/yang), passionate and creative. Use it to create something you want deliberately, rather than just letting it pass by.

Venus sextile Jupiter potentially brings gifts, opportunities, $$, attention and joyful abundance. What fun! A real feel-good vibe.

And at the same time, Chiron (newly in Aries) is sitting on the Sun. This can make you more compassionate (The Wounded Healer Archetype) or feel lost, like you don’t know who/where you are. Or both. Chiron in Aries is a wound to your identity for those who have it in their natal charts.

With Chiron moving through the heavens, you are being asked to check in to see if you know who you are. Not who other people think you are. You – go within (it’s an inside job). And can you be who you really are in your current life or do you have to hide parts of yourself?

You are always evolving so your identity is not static or stagnant. The essence of life is inner growth and evolution that drives our external actions. We are currently in another Sacred Turning Point as we begin the astrological year. Sun in Aries – let’s go!

Keep a positive outlook and faith that your path has a purpose. And try to align with the process rather than resisting, trying to hold onto anything that’s complete. It’s a new season and we getting ready to grow.
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