Current Astro Events – March 1, 2024

Dreamy energy currently reigns, as we have a stellium (4 or more planets) in Pisces the first week of March that creates a flowy, soft, potentially confusing and soulful vibe. This can enhance intuition, creativity, spiritual pursuits and inspire selfless service – or it can lead you down a path of escapism, despair, melancholy or disillusionment. You may feel disoriented, which can be destabilizing if you need to be in control to feel safe, but if you trust that All Is Well you can roll with it. 

If you feel lost or confused, be extra gentle with yourself. Pay attention to signs and messages that offer you guidance and practice impeccable care during this time of exquisite sensitivity. There are three planets in Aquarius, including Pluto, and Uranus (Ruler of Aquarius) is a major force this week, so the electric energy is strong as well. Between the nebulous Pisces and high frequency Uranus energy, your nervous system may be wired, so practice staying non-reactive and centered. 

March 1 – Sun sextile Jupiter. This is expansive, optimistic, “glass half-full” energy, when you have a big picture vision of what you want or see a possibility – and you’re inspired to take a risk or stretch in the direction of where you want to go. Consider this a gift and utilize it. 

Venus sextile Chiron. This indicates a heart healing that is personally wholing for you – or you achieve greater mastery in your helping work with others. All good, all Goodness. The better you feel, the more light you radiate. It can also help you evolve and clarify your values.

March 3 – Venus square Uranus. With Venus in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, they are in Mutual Reception (each others’ signs), meaning, they are working together. A Venus-Uranus square can bring an unexpected shakeup to a $$ agreement or circumstance, a relationship or a beauty/style experience or anything you value. Consider what you have planned and reschedule if it seems risky. 

In relationships, this can trigger what’s been buried or ignored that needs to be addressed, which goes to honesty and authenticity. You can be proactive and deliberately disrupt stale routines to stimulate you and your partner by bringing excitement and newness into the mix. You can ask for what you want, that you didn’t think was possible, or your relationship may be reshaped in a way you never imagined. Uranus will only take what is outdated for your Highest Good, so if anything leaves your life, trust that it is creating space for something that is an upgrade for you. 

March 4 – Mercury sextile Uranus. Intuitive Mercury in Pisces in harmony with Uranus in Taurus, the Awakener. You may have a sudden flash of where you want to go, what you want to do or create, but no details yet. Mercury in Pisces sees images, like an impressionist painting – a picture with a soft focus – and Uranus is the future. 

You may channel your genius, an innovative idea that’s just coming into formation. Stay tuned. This is stimulating info, conversations, communications, downloading brilliance. Connect with your Higher Mind and others who can get on that wavelength if you want to brainstorm. A next level wake up call!

March 6 – Mars sextile Chiron. Mars in harmony with Chiron allows you to take actions that serve your wholeness and mastery, especially pertaining to course corrections around aggression, anger and self-centeredness at the expense of others. This also supports the North Node in Aries (Mars rules Aries) by healing any weakness around claiming your will, trusting your Self, choosing your direction, your path, freely taking action, asserting your Self and owning your drive. 

This week is a combo of flow and flashes of insight, brilliance and revelations. Whenever you’re in Pisces energy, you are called within into your Higher consciousness. Solitude is nourishing in this space, where you can decompress and contemplate or just feel your many feelings in the stillness, peace, quiet. Mutable energy. Wu Wei, flowing around obstacles is the way to be with Pisces. 

Uranus represents the Higher Mind, The Awakener – sudden hits of genius, insights, brilliance, innovation, revolutionary paradigms, sci-fi creations, outer space, logical, rational, unemotional. Fixed energy. It wants  to open your eyes! The purpose is liberation and clearing what no longer serves you. 

Chiron is here to support your wholeness and mastery, to illuminate whatever you need to see, to allow you to realize the Truth of Who You Are. 

What if it’s your true beauty that you are resisting seeing – on a level you can’t imagine, or handle? Ponder that… 

The month has just begun and there is so much more to unfold. We enter the Eclipse wormhole on the New Moon in Pisces on March 10 and we have a Lunar Eclipse in Libra on March 25. The second half of the month will amp up, so rest up now.

Trust that you are being led to exactly where you need to go. Pay attention to your Self, the messages you receive, how you feel and be willing to question your beliefs about everything. Stay open. Beginner’s mind will serve you well on this exciting journey of awakening. 

What if you just said ‘Yes!’ to all the changes?” ~ SARK

“Everything in your life is here as a vehicle for your transformation. Use it.” ~ Ram Dass

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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