Current Astro Events – June 2, 2017

We have a promising weekend and lively week ahead with three planets changing signs this week. On Saturday, Venus (values, relationships, style) is sitting with Uranus (change, rebellion, innovation) this weekend, exact on Saturday. Relationships may call for space or more freedom where there is restriction – or you may change your mind about someone/something (for better or worse). You may have a whole new idea about a past relationship. I love the possibilities!

Another expression of Venus-Uranus is that you may change your mind about your Self (B-I-G!). Venus is values and Uranus is your Authentic Self. You can demonstrate that you value your Self by trusting your inner guidance, by doing what you feel drawn to without needing agreement or permission, by treating your Self with lovingkindness and compassion, and by daring to be your Self rather than trying to fit into someone else’s idea of what’s right.

And if you don’t really know who you are right now (a lot of people don’t) – this is a perfect time for Self-inquiry to get clear about what you like, what matters to you, and what you can bring into your life for more happiness, now and going forward.

Venus-Uranus is still aligned with the North Node (destiny), so trust the changes you want to make that feel more authentic for you. When you are on a Higher Self (soul’s) journey, you can’t know exactly how things will work out, but each move you make leads you forward in some important way.

Your GPS is the still, small voice within you – or a dream, feeling, or calling that pulls you forward. Your mind holds the fear, the logic and the worry, so it’s a dance to align with your Higher Self when it comes to making a big move. I recommend support to get clear if you need help, but what a magical opportunity this is!

To add to the fun, optimistic Jupiter is in harmony with the Sun on Saturday as well. This creates a joyful foundation of abundance, possibilities and stretching beyond usual limitations. This is a great day for socializing, reaching out and enjoying the positive flow that this combo creates!

On Sunday the Sun squares dreamy Neptune, which can either feed creative expression, spiritual pursuits and deep connection or it can lead to confusion, delusion, misunderstanding or worry. Unless you direct the energy into a positive higher expression, you may go down the rabbit hole by unwittingly creating drama. When in doubt, go within or stay high. Don’t read/watch the news in this space. It won’t help you.

Here are the three planets changing signs this week:

Sunday – Mars (action, will) goes from mental, chatty Gemini into nurturing, emotional Cancer. This really shifts movement into a more gentle process of connection and sometimes coming in sideways (like a crab :)). Tentative, taking the emotional temperature to see if all is well before moving.

Tuesday – Venus goes from warrior Aries into her home sign of earthy Taurus, where she is grounded and comfortable. Financial security is primary, as well as the material world and comfort. You will feel it.

Tuesday – Mercury (thinking, communication) leaves slow-mo Taurus to enter its home sign of Gemini, so let information flow, get ready to multi-task and be in connection!

Next Friday, happy lucky Jupiter will turn Direct, opening a whole new portal of expansive energy going forward. Much to look forward to – enjoy this amazing new energy!

Namaste, Pioneers. So grateful to be on the path with you.

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