Current Astro Events – June 11, ’10

‘Tis the season for dramatic awakenings and new truths to be revealed! With Uranus and Jupiter together in Aries everything speeds up and you manifest much faster than usual (whether the results feel joyful or painful), as in “instant cause and effect.” Because the world is your mirror,  in the current climate you will find out what’s working and what’s not working very quickly!

Uranus and Jupiter at zero degrees of Aries means that you have reached a breaking point with something in your life – some old way of being or operating, some attachment – something has come or is coming to an end. It may be revealed through a dramatic, unexpected event or a surprising break, but one thing is for certain — when the ending comes there’s no going back to the way things were!

Aspects of yourself that have been repressed will come to the surface and will be in your face. Know that you are being asked to face the truth of yourself. Perhaps you need to recognize talents that you have been denying or  acknowledge dysfunctional patterns for which you haven’t taken responsibility for, but this is your wake up call!

Because Chiron is in Pisces, there are still corrections to be made and healing that needs to happen in order to create alignment with your Higher Self. Treat yourself with kindness and compassion as you take responsibility and step forward, once again, to move into your power.

There is truth to be discovered/revealed in the Uranus/Jupiter combo and you must own it. Remember – you can’t be in your power if you’re not in your truth!

We have a New Moon in Gemini on Sat, June 12th at 7:15am ET and this is the time to take actions to magnetize that which you want into your life. Because Saturn is squaring this New Moon, you may have communication issues, you may receive or have to deliver difficult information, or encounter obstacles.

In challenging circumstances I urge you to slow down, ground, and go within to seek the greater truth behind the current events. Do not take actions when you are off-center because that only creates more problems. Ground and center, clear and balance before you make a move. Remember that All is in Divine Order when you feel discouraged and know that there is something wonderful waiting for you, even if you don’t know what it is yet.

Remember to do your New Moon Intentions!

Make a list of what you intend to create. If your vision is clear and you are in alignment, your actions will be guided and your intentions will manifest. If you have unconscious blocks or disagreements, your intentions likely will not manifest.

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“In a state of appreciation you raise your vibration and lift self-imposed limitations (and ALL limitations are self-imposed!) and you free yourself to receive wonderful things.” ~ Abraham

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