Current Astro Events – July 7, 2023

Our backdrop is dreamy Neptune in Pisces and transformational Pluto in Capricorn (both Retrograde and barely moving), aligning to further dissolve and dismantle old outdated structures, as we personally review where we are and make decisions about moving forward from here. With Saturn in Pisces Retrograde as well, it feels like undertow, with three major planets pulling the energy backwards to review and reassess and Uranus soon to follow. The weekend is creative and the serious action begins on Monday.

July 7 – Mercury sextile Uranus – activates creative thinking, revolutionary ideas and communications, a burst of genius, innovative solutions or surprises. It can be a breakthrough, a fresh perspective, a new direction, it can shift you out of tunnel vision into a big picture or a higher dimensional reality. Whatever happens, it can be enlivening and propel you into the future by showing you a new possibility now! 

July 9 – Mercury sextile Neptune, highlights the spiritual, intuitive and creative worlds, moving thoughts and expressions from the linear mind into Neptune’s right-brained realm of color, movement, images, visions, stories, prayers, poetry, non-verbal communications, dreams (sleeping or waking), music and devotion. 

If words are used, they are delivered with care and in flow, so they evoke imagery, feelings and connection. Mercury-Neptune is the beauty of expressing and experiencing the magic of All That Is, and you may receive direction, guidance, answers or inspiration via your living prayers. Ask and you shall receive if you are an empty vessel (open). 

July 10 – Mars in Virgo (thru Aug 27) – as the planet of action enters the sign of order, details and analysis. Mars in Virgo gathers all the data first, makes decisions, does things the “right” way (no cutting corners), is practical and grounded, so this is helpful for planning and making decisions, especially for budgeting, and anything that requires specifics. Mars in Virgo is happy being productive with a checklist! 

Also, Virgo rules health and wellness, so get ready to clean your house and cleanse your body, toxic habits, foods, closets and whatever else needs to go. Mars in Virgo can be relentless in pursuit of perfection, but you will be the winner if you upgrade your awareness, motivation, and actions regarding Self-care, health care and well being. Release whatever is no longer needed and lighten your load. Be conscientious in choosing your food and what you put in your body (your temple). You just don’t want to go overboard and become obsessive… 

July 10 – Mercury opposite Pluto – brings up hidden info, a secret, you or another may reveal something major, a deep discussion, finally dealing with a power dynamic in a relationship, healing an unconscious issue, a breakthrough or a verbal conflict. This can also be misinformation, manipulation, psychological abuse, corruption. Anything that appears or sounds bad or wrong, probably is. Stay away. 

Mars is inconjunct Pluto at the same time, an aspect that calls for adjustment, but combined with the Mercury-Pluto opposition, it can add frustration to the mix unless you deliberately seek a healing outcome. Be mindful of your words and intentions today. All efforts should point toward healing, problem solving and helping to move into higher frequencies.

July 11 – Mercury in Leo (thru July 28) – the performer expresses itself with flair, wants to be heard and is not shy! Perfect for leadership, as a messenger, salesperson, brand representative. On stage, up front, out front, clear and with pride. 

But Mercury in Leo is opposing Pluto and it’s squaring the Nodes of Fate, meaning something is going to happen that has to happen. Probably something will be revealed that is going to turn the world (collectively) or your world (if it touches your chart personally) upside down. 

It will be a shakeup, but we are used to that these days. Stay tuned. When the Nodes of Fate (or Destiny) are involved, it’s for the Greater Good, therefore, we are being led where we need to go, even through all the drama…

July 12 – The Sun square Chiron (Wound/Master Healer) – can either be the activation of a wound or a healing. Maybe forgiveness is involved. If an old issue is triggered, either get help or transcend the pain with your own transformational tools. You are not meant to stay stuck in your head, in old trauma, issues or drama. There is so much help available; ask for what you need and get it!

As the week unfolds, Venus in Leo is slowing down, as it will turn Retrograde on July 22 through Sept 3.

Saturn in Pisces is Retrograde, at the 6º degrees for four weeks and Uranus (change) is at 22º now through mid-Aug. When planets linger at a degree longer than usual, their rhythm is concentrated, which makes a deep impression on us, so we are feeling Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto at a standstill, while Mercury (the mind) and Mars (action) are zipping along at a rapid pace.

Use your intuition to assess where you are and feel into where you want to go. Make plans that make sense for you and handle your business. Venus Retrograde is coming and she is in her Shadow Zone now (the area she will retrace), highlighting your values, money, relationships, creativity. More to come about that…

Wishing you a magical week of dreaming your dreams and honoring your heart’s desires. As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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