Current Astro Events – July 30, 2021

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We close July and enter August with the Sun and Mercury in sunny Leo, but Mars is now in productive Virgo, which grounds creativity and inspired ideas with practical actions. Mars in Virgo is service and detail-oriented, creating order and systems. Very useful, as we prepare for the fall season and beyond, good for research, organization, planning and shopping.

On Aug 1, the Sun is conjunct mental Mercury, bringing info to light or illuminating an insight. Stay awake to get the message, whatever it may be. Simultaneously, Saturn opposes the Sun and Mercury, with a caution, stop sign or task that must be attended to before you can proceed. Consider this a reality check, as you are being directed to what requires your attention in order to create something real and lasting. 

Saturn is not your enemy; it creates stable structures and applies pressure where you lack discipline, need to take responsibility or make a decision. When you do the work, you reap the rewards :))

Mercury trines healing Chiron on Aug 2, creating opportunities for a more empowered perspective or a compassionate conversation that soothes your soul. Be open-minded and operate from your Higher Self when dealing with judgment, conflicts, or making decisions. When in doubt, leave it out (think twice before saying something questionable). 

Aug 3 brings Venus trine Uranus, activating a change in style, decor, creativity or relationship. This is a good time to shake things up and do something different. Don’t get a tattoo or anything permanent, but change your routine if it’s feeling stale. Stimulation and excitement (without going crazy) is the goal – so have fun and express yourself!

Later on Aug 3, Mercury squares Uranus, indicating unexpected info that rocks the boat, a surprise call or other communication that forces you to rearrange plans – or maybe you say something provocative that triggers others. Someone may have an objection to your new self-expression. Stay tuned and be mindful… 

On Aug 4, it’s another potential day for healing and compassion, as the Sun trines Chiron. If you want to make amends or soothe a frayed relationship, this is a beautiful energy that supports an evolved perspective that facilitates well being. If you need extra care, please give it to yourself and reach out to those who can support your care. 

We’re leading up to the New Moon in Leo on Aug 8, so contemplate where you are and what you want to call into your life for your Greater Good. Venus and Mars in Virgo are invaluable for researching major purchases (and then making them!) – as well as assessing what’s useful to you now and what’s not.

A special note: the rules have changed as old paradigms are dismantling. What used to work and make sense often no longer applies. How to know what to do? Pay attention to your desires and how you feel. What does your soul want? 

Your ego wants security and comfort. Your soul came to have particular experiences, so feel into what experience you’d like to have now or in the future. It may be to create a home, a love relationship, community, a platform to bring your service or message to others, a baby or a pet. Or something else. You can’t be wrong if it comes from your heart and soul – and nobody knows your heart like you do.

Take good care of yourself as world structures fall to be rebuilt and reborn in new ways over the coming years. Remember, your soul chose to be here, to be part of the revolution – and your presence matters. If you need support, please reach out and ask for it, as there are helpers all around you just waiting to serve :))

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo




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