Current Astro Events – July 20, ’12

We have a “mashup” of aspects and energies operating this week which requires focus, patience, a spacious approach and a conscious connection to your Higher Self for balance and direction.

Here’s the lineup:

* We’re still in the New Moon in Cancer energy of July 19th, which aligns with emotional security/safety, home, family and your personal life. This is a time for new beginnings, but Mercury is Retrograde, so take actions to make adjustments, corrections or amends wherever necessary that will create greater comfort for you.

* Uranus and Mercury Retrograde, creates change and the unexpected, along with communication issues and time for revisions and reconsiderations.

Know that any external change is a mirror of a change within you – even if you’re not aware of it! For example, if a job ends, some part of you is ready for the shift.

Know that nothing is ever taken from you unless it’s blocking you from your highest good!

Use this energy by making sure that you are truly excited about whatever you are doing, that it’s meaningful for you and that you’re not just operating the same old way by default.

This is the time to decide deliberately what feels right for you! If you don’t know, connecting with your Authentic Self is the first order of business. If you aren’t sure how to do proceed, an astrology session will give you tremendous clarity.

* We’re at the end of the the Mars-Uranus opposition square Pluto, which can create violence, power struggles, feeling squeezed and flaring tempers as well as the potential for transforming old, stuck energies into revitalized creative consciousness!

Make the most of every opportunity by taking the high road and always focusing on what you want to create in your life, NOT what you don’t want!

With every challenge there is always the potential for transformation and awakening. This is the gift of evolution. ♥

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