Current Astro Events – July 18, ’14

sun shine Jupiter is now in Leo, giving you a boost to expand, step forward and boldly express your creativity and big vision! It’s time to come out of hiding in some aspect of your life. You can probably feel where your soul is calling for you to show up more fully and be even more of yourself!

Monitoring or suppressing yourself to avoid judgment or to get approval is a low level vibration. The invitation is to live from inspiration rather than reaction or fear of negative consequences. When you are aligned with your Higher Self, everything flows in Divine Order.

If you experience bumps or struggle, something is off within you. Surround yourself with those who resonate with your true essence and who truly appreciate the Creator that you are. Allow that which is NOT you to fall away. Negative beliefs about yourself and life are a great starting point (“I’m too this, not enough that…”).

Jupiter rules Higher Truth, your ideals and the big picture. You came here to contribute something and when you live from that place, life takes on a richness that money can’t buy. This is about creating meaning that speaks to your heart and spirit.

Feel into what moves you – a cause that’s greater than you. This is not about ego, it’s about your Higher Self, which holds no fear, no criticism, no competition, only love. This is how you find your life purpose or are led to your Great Work. This is where peace lives.

Enjoy your exploration of Jupiter in Leo and expand into something meaningful for you!

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