Current Astro Events – Jan 15, ’16

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Mercury Retrograde is mid-cycle now with another 10 days to retrace and revise old territory. There are various energies running simultaneously that are affecting you (consciously and unconsciously), and it’s hard to know exactly what’s creating the effect(s) you feel on a daily basis.

We are in a profound time of change and as old structures dissolve, you may feel confused about your Self, your path or your direction.

Confusion may be your mind’s reaction to old ways of being that are no longer relevant or working for you; kind of like knocking on a permanently closed door.

Allow yourself to be redirected by following your inner guidance and you can re-label “confusion” as “unwinding” — and enjoy the unfolding of your new path as old structures (internally and externally) deconstruct in subtle ways.

Your perspective will determine your experience, so the more you take responsibility for what you can while allowing for new people, structures and experiences to enter, the greater your chances for success.

Take care of business by cleaning up, clearing clutter, getting organized and tying up loose ends wherever possible in order to create free attention. Your attention is attached to all the half-done projects you have scattered in your space (mentally, emotionally, physically).

You can’t push your way through by dominating or demanding. Trying to keep things the same when they’re unwinding is an exercise in futility and stress.

Magical opportunities will appear when you’re willing to open to the new with optimistic anticipation, faith and awareness. Your spirit has big plans for you if you’re willing to go along for the ride!

With Jupiter in Virgo and the North Node of Destiny traveling together, the focal point is what will serve your growth and wellness — and what will serve your contribution to the Greater Good as well? If the idea was to follow your old programming, you wouldn’t be here now.

This week Mars (action) trines Neptune (Higher Self), asking you to trust your intuition and allow it to guide your path going forward. Your intuition isn’t fear-based, ever. That’s your ego or the mind that’s warning you to “watch out” or “be careful.” Higher Self is “yes” or “no.”

Your Higher Self doesn’t have trust issues, so if that is what you’re experiencing, you’re not connected to your Higher Self. You HS will lead you to places your mind would never choose. The idea is to allow your mind to be in service to your HS vision, as in “how can I make this work?”

On Wed the Sun moves into Authentic, futuristic Aquarius and Pluto (upheaval, what’s hidden) will come into orbit with Mercury (the mind). We will enter into an intense week of discovery, confrontation or awakening regarding insights, information, or truths being revealed.

Use this energy to do deep discovery work of your own and prepare to handle aspects of yourself and your life that you’ve been avoiding. What is real for you will be easier to deal with by facing it, rather than resisting “what is.” You can’t be in alignment with your Higher Self if you’re not in your truth.

I created my Frame Your Future class to help you align your current expression of Self with what is true for you. I’ll share my experience, wisdom and knowledge to guide you on your path. Join me if you are ready for support.

Next week at this time, we’ll be IN the energy – and it will be so interesting to see where this leads you – and us.

Namaste friends. Take good care. ♥︎

We have major Moon Void of Course periods this week, which can derail intended outcomes and productivity – and are optimal times to access your creativity, spiritual pursuits, routines or leisure activities. Be aware and pay attention.

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