Current Astro Events – Jan 13, 2017

Cosmic Tides 2
Cosmic Tides 2

Do you feel the after-effects of yesterday’s Full Moon in Cancer? So much movement, so many feelings and lots of processing going on, consciously and unconsciously.

The chaotic energy feeds the feeling of instability, so impeccable self-care is required. Use every tool you have available and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Energetically, we are in an in-between place, even though all the planets are in Direct motion and Mercury Retrograde is over.

We are still in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde (retracing the Retrograde degrees), which isn’t complete until Jan 29th (that’s why I’m having my  Awakened Life Retreat that weekend :)).

Jan 29th is when we’ll be released from the Mercury Retrograde energy completely, free to move forward unobstructed.

We have a Venus-Neptune connection today, which can activate Divine Love (unconditional), compassion and empathy – or idealized love that no human can live up to. If you connect with someone now, you may think you’ve found the love of your life, only to be disillusioned later when their shadow appears.

It’s not that they did anything wrong – Venus-Neptune only sees the beauty, rather than the full reality. Neptune is the planet of illusion and here in 3D, it can create delusions or escapism into fantasy if we’re not careful. So use this energy for spiritual practices, creativity, dance, music, nature, heart connection, selfless service or connection with your heart. Enjoy – and tune in to feel the Oneness with All That Is.

I feel like this is a time of rearranging, using all you experienced during Mercury Retrograde to inform you, and allowing the flakes in your “snow globe” to settle.

When in doubt, come home to the still small voice within and your Higher Self. There’s a lot of static out there – noise – info is no longer reliable and you’re being guided to go within.

Today’s lesson: How do you tell the difference between feelings and your intuition/Higher Self guidance? Feelings are usually a reaction or response to something in your space (happiness, fear, sadness, anger, pain, worry).

Intuition or HS Guidance comes from a higher place that calls you forward. There is no fear, no reaction, and nothing is wrong. Especially not you :))

The voice is loving, positive and filled with possibility. Feels good just thinking about it, right? That’s how it works!

With 5 planetary bodies in Pisces, you are feeling the collective consciousness more than ever – and with Chiron (the wound) and the S. Node (the past) involved, you may be reviewing old experiences and relationships in order to process them and move forward.

Don’t be freaked out if you have a lack of clarity, but seek help and support if you need it. This energy can activate worry, anxiety, sleep interruptions, depression – and addictions (whatever you use to numb feelings and check out). These are lower expressions of the energy , but you can direct the energy into Higher expressions I described above.

Pisces is dissolving old structures in a nonlinear way. Don’t try to figure it out – you’re not meant to. Pay attention to your dreams and allow them to inform you what you’re thinking on an unconscious level – or dreaming of on a Higher level. Going within is where you can find peace, no matter what’s happening in the external world.

Another week of energy that we’ve never experienced quite like this before. Unprecedented. But we’re up for it – creating moment by moment as we go. Take good care and dream away… !

Namaste, Pioneers.

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