Current Astro Events – Feb 10, ’12

Venus in Aries is the passionate, impulsive energy of desire – and “I want you NOW!” which is here until early March. It can be easily become bored after getting its desired target, so be careful what you go after, knowing it may be short lived.

Venus in Aries is with Uranus (change/unexpected), which makes this combo potentially thrilling, stimulating, changeable and things can happen like lightning – when you least expect it! For excitement junkies, this is a dream come true and for security-oriented types, this can be anxiety-provoking due to the unpredictable coming and going.

Approaching Valentine’s Day with this energy may bring you a surprise partner – or if you’re attached, you may find your feelings for your partner change or you may want something new in the relationship dynamic.

Don’t make permanent decisions or take major actions with this energy in place. See how you feel a week from now if you feel restless or discontent. And please, no sudden Little White Chapel wedding in Vegas, as it probably won’t last!

There are higher expressions of this energy. You may shift your beliefs or ideas about love and relationships and be more inclusive or open-minded than you’ve been before.

Venus rules your taste and style too, so you could suddenly decide to cut your hair or get a tattoo. I’m just saying, you may change your mind so sit with any permanent decisions for a week before you jump into anything.

Uranus rules your Authentic Self and independence, so perhaps you will have the courage to ask for something you need but never dared to bring up before – whether it’s having more space or some other secret desire you’ve been withholding.

Remember that Neptune is in Pisces, creating a backdrop of Divine Love and bliss, which also create illusions (or delusions!).

Before you take action, think it through to make sure you are willing to live with the consequences of what you are creating. This is not negative or fear-based guidance, just urging a little slow-down to create greater consciousness.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and all! ♥

Here’s the line up of Retrogrades for the 1st half of 2012:

Mars Retrograde: Jan 23 – April 14
Saturn Retrograde: Feb 7 – June 25
Mercury Retrograde: March 12 – April 4
Venus Retrograde: May 15 – June 27
Mercury Retrograde: July 14 – Aug 8

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