Current Astro Events – December 9, 2022

You can feel that we are turning a collective corner, and this week will be mostly stabilizing, following the frenetic Full Moon in Gemini activity of Dec 7 and the aftereffects. Your nervous system will be able to relax when you are operating in a more grounded container with a deliberate path for accomplishing goals.

Dec 9 – Venus square Jupiter is a feel-good, social, generous, prone to over-indulging aspect that is perfect for a splurge, a stretch (if you’re uber-frugal), or enjoy showing appreciation via gifts, tips, holiday love. Just don’t go unconscious and hurt yourself (overeat, overspend, over-party) – and check your motives (trying to impress by creating a false facade).

Have fun and enjoy, but stay conscious and in integrity to avoid a “hangover.” Gratitude, radical kindness, surprise gifts for deserving souls, there are endless ways to share love and appreciation (especially when it’s unexpected), that will expand your heart – and others’. This is a higher expression of Venus-Jupiter.

Later on Dec 9, Venus leaves Sagittarius (freedom and fun) to join Mercury in Capricorn, where she is consciously attuned to practical values, such as: “Who and what really matters to me?,” rather than scattering energy all over the place on unimportant people, places and things.

You will feel calmer when plans, routines and ways of operating become more methodical and grounded, which will be immensely helpful in recovering your attention. Capricorn loves organization, schedules and predictability, and Venus will delight in getting your ducks in a row for the holidays and for 2023. Get your planner out (paper, digital or both) – and input your important dates for a happy Venus (and Mercury) in Capricorn!

Dec 12 – Sun sextiles Saturn and you are disciplined, focused and ready to handle tasks, projects, plans or decisions that require attention. This is committed energy that derives comfort from having a clear picture of what’s happening, what needs to be done, where you’re going; practical ambitions, security, stability, and time frames. This is the day to tackle anything requiring concentrated effort and patience.

Dec 14 – Sun square Neptune may feel like a flashback into confusion, low energy, a desire to check out, drop out, give up – or you can be proactive and direct this energy to dive into your favorite spiritual practice or connection with the Divine/your Higher Self to connect with the nonlinear realm for intuitive guidance. Another positive practice is selfless service to help those less fortunate or engaging in creative activities.

After the practical tone of prior days, don’t let this subtle yet profound diffuse energy derail your intentions and faith in your Self and your path going forward. Neptune connects to your dreams and potential transcendence, with the Sun in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter, your highest ideals. Your dreams and ideals are the highest motivations of your soul in this lifetime, so these elements are deeply personal. In a square, they can activate disillusionment, stress ailments or delusion (thinking crazy things that seem real) and that’s why I suggest directing your energy, especially if you find yourself in a downward emotional spiral.

Later on Dec 14, Mercury squares Chiron (Master Healer), and there’s some erroneous thinking that calls for a correction or healing words needing to be shared. Either thinking or speaking based on limited understanding or consciousness that is ripe for a healing, but today, you may feel hurt.

If so, know that this is an opportunity to rise above the old thinking to a higher position to have compassion and understanding for the humanness of ALL involved – and offer forgiveness, for your Self and the other.

You may be the one who is/was hurt or the perpetrator, but you both agreed to play this game together on a soul level. Can you get with that idea? It removes the idea of victimhood if you can. On a 3D level, forgiveness for our humanness is what compassion (Chiron) is all about, with awareness and responsibility.

Enjoy this week of grace and opportunity to accomplish any To Do’s that you need to take care of – and, most importantly, take care of yourself and each other. We are moving into the Light more and more, ascending as we go.

P.S. The next Mercury Retrograde is Dec 29, 2022-Jan 18, 2023. Get your free report with the 2023 Mercury Retrograde dates and because Mars is Retrograde in Gemini (ruled by Mercury), I wouldn’t buy tech equipment now – or until both Retrogrades are over. If you do, keep the receipts so you can return any items that are defective or just the wrong item.

“Healing is to enter with awareness and compassion that which we have withdrawn from in judgment, fear, anger.” ~ Stephen Levine

“Never let the odds keep you from pursuing what you know in your heart you were meant to do.” ~ Satchel Paige

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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