Current Astro Events – December 10, 2021

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Following last week’s new beginning with a Solar Eclipse, the focus of this week is on the quality of your life, especially regarding what you value, how you value your Self, love, relationships and money, as Venus conjoins Pluto exactly on Dec 11th, but they are together all month. 

Venus wants connection, while Pluto craves passion and all access. With Venus in Capricorn, only the serious need apply, as Capricorn seeks commitment and what is real. Venus Retrogrades from Dec 19 – Jan 29, bringing Venus issues front and center – ripe for review, reveals and revision or transformation.

Because Venus will Retrograde and encounter Pluto 3x, anything that doesn’t support your evolution will likely end during the next few months, pertaining to Venus. This is beyond the ego – Pluto operates at a soul level and if it’s time for an ending or completion, it will happen. Venus in Capricorn rules self-respect and healthy boundaries, so be sure you are comfortable with your relationship and money boundaries.

Also on Dec 11, Mercury is sextile Jupiter, offering access to higher frequencies or messages that come through as insights, solutions, guidance, communications or ideas that serve you as you create your evolving life. This is a quickie, so pay attention or do a meditation to tap into any downloads that are available for you. 

Mercury sextile Jupiter activates optimism and bright ideas as a rule, so don’t stress or push to find something profound – trust what you see, hear, “get.” And Mercury-Jupiter is perfect for connecting, shopping, creating, writing, brainstorming. Have fun!

The Sun squares Neptune on Dec 12 and this can slow down the action, as your vitality is called within, perfect for spiritual practices, creative pursuits (creating or viewing art), being in nature, selfless service, being with children and animals and enjoying leisure. A good day for a “time out.”

Sun-Neptune can set you up to feel disillusioned with yourself, life or another (this can play into the Venus-Pluto aspect), you may be confused or feel low energy. You may have an idealistic view of something/someone, with a blind spot that will come back to bite you later, so don’t make any major commitments or decisions today. Wait until tomorrow…

On Dec 13, Mercury moves into Capricorn, sign of structure and caution, that will do its research before it makes a move. Mercury in Capricorn is careful about what it says and it thinks things through, so now is a good time for decisions, signing contracts, agreements, creating programs, launching projects. Solid as a rock.

Dec 13 also brings Mars into Sagittarius, an energy that runs counter to steady, stable Capricorn. Sagittarius needs freedom and movement and gets restless when it feels tied down. With Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, Mars needs some kind of adventure – whether a hike, a trip, an artist’s date – something that involves the unknown or going beyond your usual boundaries to satisfy a craving for expansion. If you don’t give yourself a healthy release, you are prone to become edgy or irritable. Take good care of yourself!

So there’s a lot of shifting energies within a few days that will inform how you will create your life going forward. Make the most of your opportunities and really tune in to what will serve you. How do you know? By how you feel. That’s how you can tell what’s working and what’s not working. 

The intensity meter will be rising as we approach the Full Moon in Gemini on Dec 18, Venus Retrograde on Dec 19, and the final Uranus-Saturn square on Dec 24. This week is your opportunity to align with your Self to make decisions about how best to navigate the holidays. 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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