Current Astro Events – Dec 4, ’15

Peaceful Planet

We are entering an intense week, so it’s a good idea to decide up front to practice patience, be awake and non-reactive. Be Spock. Get the data and step back to assess from an objective, neutral position before making decisions. And use your intuition to feel into what’s right for you whenever possible.

The Saturn-Neptune square from last week is still reverberating, as well as the long-lasting effects of the Uranus-Pluto squares from 2012-15. Old structures are being dissolved so you aren’t sure what’s real anymore, as the playing field is changing. That’s Saturn-Neptune. Uranus-Pluto is the revolution vs. upheaval, which is highly combustible and we’re seeing this worldwide.

Venus moves into intense Scorpio tonight for the rest of Dec. This colors relationship dynamics and it’s an energy that invites deep, passionate connections that can awaken or transform fragmented aspects of Self. Or maybe you call in an alluring stranger who has a magnetic hold on you… (higher expressions, lower expressions :)).

Watch for issues around power and love, $$ and love, control issues (manipulation, seduction). It’s an opportunity to explore passion, death/rebirth, and your deepest trust issues.

Also, Scorpio rules suspicion, betrayal, the need for protection, covert actions and hidden agendas. The current instability in the world can activate lower expressions of Scorpio, i.e., a belief in the need for protection. That vibration attracts experiences to prove you right!

Here’s my guidance about safety and protection: connect to your Higher Self and remember that you ARE safe – and then behave in a responsible way to take care of yourself.

Mars (the warrior) is squaring Pluto (control) on Sunday, which is a setup for power struggles and aggression. Easy does it – don’t indulge in reactivity on any level as it won’t serve you or anyone else.  Be a PAL = patience, awareness, love :)))

On Tues Dec 8, the Sun is in harmony with Uranus (genius), so watch for brilliant solutions, ideas and innovations. This “out of the box” energy is exactly what we need to transcend the old, outdated, structures and ways of operating that are creating all these problems.

Use this day for problem solving, brainstorming, creativity, communicating and/or making new connections. I LOVE Uranian energy – independent, original and looking forward to make things better!

On Thurs Dec 10, Mars opposes Uranus and again, it’s a setup for tension, unexpected change or aggression. This is all leading up to a beautiful New Moon in Higher Truth Sagittarius early next Friday. So this week contains a lot of turbulence before an inspiring and uplifting new beginning.

Just a reminder, whenever there’s a challenging energy present, you can use it to create a breakthrough for yourself and others if you know how (and there are many ways).

Use the current energy to notice where you feel off the mark – and then do whatever is necessary to rebalance or course correct. If you need help, please get it. If you haven’t found the right support, keep looking.

This is your job, to be fully present and empowered so you can share your gifts with the world in your own special way, large or small. It all counts!

As always, you can either be the lightning or be hit by lightning, meaning, you either direct your thoughts, actions, energy deliberately or you are at the effect of external influences  – which is not only disempowering, it can be downright scary in a climate like this.

Your peace and empowerment helps the world. Do what you can for yourself and others in alignment with your integrity.

Namaste, friends, we’re all in this together. ♥︎

We have some major Moon Void of Course periods this week, which can derail intended outcomes and productivity – but are optimal times to access your creativity, enjoy spiritual pursuits or leisure activities, and get clear about your priorities.

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