Current Astro Events – Dec 2, ’11

We’re in a Venus (love, desire)/Pluto (power, transformation) conjunction, which can mean a variety of things, but the lower expressions usually express as drama.

You may find yourself in a triangular relationship (three people), whether it’s love, family or business – but there are huge issues around possessiveness and control in the mix.

Here’s a healing for triangles: never speak about one who isn’t present. Deal only with the one you are speaking to and take responsibility for your words and actions with that person. You will never feel good about yourself after saying negative things about another. Really.

Venus-Pluto may find you clinging (with claw marks!) to an old attachment that you fear losing. The attachment is the issue and if you’re not able to let go yet, set your intention to be willing to let go. Be gentle with yourself, because some part of you believes that you need this attachment to be okay.

Venus-Pluto aspects create darkness in the lower expressions but offer you the potential to totally transform that stuck energy by moving from selfish desires (ego) into your Higher Self. From this place you can let go and reconnect with a peaceful, open heart.

I urge you to operate from your Higher Self if you find this within your space. Be loving, be compassionate and remember that everyone is doing the best they can (including you!).

We’re also in a Sun (ego) – Mars (aggression) square so you may really, really want it your way! Between Venus-Pluto, Sun square Mars, The Eclipses and Mercury Retrograde slowing things down, this is potentially tense and combustible energy! Move slowly and consciously – and take really good care of yourself this week. Seek inspiration and comfort. Connect heart to heart – that is the true antidote for drama. ♥

Eclipse Energy

We end the week approaching a Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on Sat, Dec 10th, which is about endings and the culmination of things. Just a few reminders…

  • Emotions run high around eclipses – expect the unexpected as well as fated events, and be willing to be flexible.
  • Eclipses can either clear huge obstacles or manifest potential challenges and things usually happen quickly.
  • If you’re confronted with an unexpected situation or event, take a moment to assess where you are and let the dust settle, if possible.
  • There’s a saying, “Don’t just do something, sit there!” Use that guidance when anxiety triggers you to act prematurely or reactively, which doesn’t serve your highest good.
  • Please don’t judge events that happen around an Eclipse as “good” or “bad” because you don’t know what the big picture is and remember that more will be revealed. Changes will happen so be prepared to be proactive and flexible.
  • You can feel empowered and clear, even if you’re in the hallway.

All is in Divine order. All is well. And you are important!

Mercury Retrograde Nov 24 – Dec 13, ’11

Mercury is Retrograde from Nov 24th until Dec 13, ’11. If you don’t have it yet, get your free Mercury Retrograde Report here.

This may affect holiday travel, so be sure to leave plenty of extra time and space to get where you’re going this Thanksgiving.

Mercury Retrograde during Black Friday and Cyber Monday means that purchasing mistakes and missteps will probably be greater than usual and making large purchases during this time is ill advised. If you have to get that new iPad or other major purchase (especially electronic), wait until Dec 16th if possible. You will thank yourself for being patient and save your receipts for whatever you buy!

I recommend communicating via email so you can double check directions, agreements and plans in writing. Miscommunications are rampant during Mercury Retrograde and email is so handy for verification – whether you have an unexpected brain freeze or a dispute about who said what when.

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