Current Astro Events – August 27, 2021

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We are turning a corner this week as we depart August to enter September, with a shift in energy that can help you gain clarity. The Sun is in practical Virgo, happy to be productive, deciding what’s useful and what’s not, so you can make any needed changes. 

Take advantage of this analytical gift that motivates you to focus on organizing your life, making detailed plans for the future or clearing clutter. Especially during chaotic or uncertain times, creating order in your own life can be stabilizing, helping you to maintain a sense of balance in your personal world. Do what you can.

Mercury is in its final days in its home sign of Virgo over weekend, supporting your efforts to handle details and anything else re: decisions and order. I’m giving you the heads up so you can use it should you want to. 

On Aug 30 Mercury moves into diplomatic Libra for two months. This is significant because Libra is the sign of the “other,” where the potential is ripe for agreements, peace, harmony, mediation, balance, compromise and polite discourse (even disagreements). 

Good manners is a Libra quality, as well as treating others with dignity, justice and creating a win-win. Mercury is thinking, mental processing and all forms of communication, and in Libra, it always has connecting with the other in mind. 

My dream is that we wake up and realize that nobody wins from the way we’ve been operating, making decisions and communicating via systems that promote division, injustice, greed, hatred, violence and cruelty. 

I know we can’t necessarily turn the ship around in two months, but my hope is that people will tire of the game, feeling the toll it’s taking on them. Kindness, generosity of spirit and even agreeing to disagree is more life-giving and supportive to humanity than the mindset of fighting and violence.

Mercury in Libra can dial down the rhetoric, rise above the fray and find a place of connection where an agreements can be made. This is the genius of diplomats, mediators and those who know how to broker peace. 

The more we connect, learning about one another and our needs and desires, the more we discover our similarities. It will be interesting to see what comes of viewing life through the lens of Mercury in Libra. I pray that we make new, fruitful connections – and if you like, you can make that a personal intention.

Mars opposes Neptune on Sept 2, which can slow you down if you’re on a linear operating path, as Neptune can drain your energy or mislead you. For best results, use your intuitive guidance to propel yourself forward – and don’t feel the need to justify your choices to others. The way you do it will be personal for you. If you’re dealing with details or something very specific, you may want to wait until Sept 6.

We are each on our own timelines personally and developmentally, so don’t judge yourself based on where you think you should be or where you are compared to others. There are benefits to living in this crazy time – and one of them is that it has erased some of our social norms that we used to judge ourselves and others by. The more you connect to and appreciate your Self for who you really are, the better. 

We each have our own path and purpose, our own karma and Destiny, our gifts, strengths and talents, issues and challenges – and the drive to become who we came here to be! It’s amazing, this journey of being human! 

The spirit is strong and we have the capacity to transcend great trials, so when things look dark, never give up. You are greater than you know, even though the ego will try to fool you into thinking you are small (no!).

Get ready for September, as we’re moving into a new space that will offer new opportunities and ideas that weren’t available before. New arrivals will be on the way. In the meantime, take good care of yourself during this liminal week when there are very few major aspects. Follow your inner guidance and you’ll always be on the right path.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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