Current Astro Events – August 15, ’14


This is the last week of the Sun in Leo and there is a brilliant, joyful gift to go with it. Venus is conjunct Jupiter in Leo now through mid-week of next week, creating opportunities for receiving attention, abundance, $$, love and recognition. What fun – what a gift!

 You may feel like socializing or entertaining during this time. Allow yourself to be seen and heard – dare to express yourself verbally or creatively. Your self-esteem will benefit from visibility and receiving true appreciation from others.  

Next week Mars is moving into aspect with Saturn, setting up an energy that can feel like driving with the brakes on. Mars (action/will) wants to GO and Saturn is the planet of structure/authority, which can present limitations. Mars and Saturn are in Scorpio and both want to be in control, so this can lead to pushing when Mars wants to make things happen and frustration when Saturn says “NO.” 

It’s easy to become discouraged when you hit what feels like a bump in the road, but know the antidote for this this energy is taking methodical actions (no matter how small) that will move you forward. And don’t give up on your intention just because you encounter an unexpected obstacle. Be patient and keep going!

Also, the lesson with a Mars/Saturn conjunction is that you have to be willing to do the work in order to get the results. No free ride here (like Venus/Jupiter above). The return you get is in exact proportion to the effort you make.

So we begin the week with the fancy free Venus/Jupiter energy and shift into Mars/Saturn as the week progresses. Don’t let yourself become too high or low – I suggest you set your intention to maintain your balance while you make the most of what these planetary combos have to offer you for fun and growth. 

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