Current Astro Events – Aug 5, ’11

Mercury Retrograde!

We continue in Mercury Retrograde, which dictates the flow of information and affects communications and interactions in ways we won’t fully understand until Mercury goes Direct in late August.

Tread carefully and consciously to keep things smooth and be prepared to be as flexible as possible in order to avoid stress.

As Mercury retrogrades, it opposes Neptune, which has backed into Aquarius until Feb ’12. This adds to the confusion in communication and information for the next few weeks, so be prepared to go slowly and be really patient!

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Mars, Pluto & Uranus T-Square  

We’re entering the energy of upheaval,  volatility and deconstruction this week as three of the power planets interact in a stressful setup. Pluto (power/transformation) opposes Mars (warrior/maverick) and they’re both squared by Uranus (the rebel/unexpected change). Yikes!

The potential for liberation and undoing is great and it’s being played out via our political and economic systems, as veils are are lifted and we see the reality of non-working structures that have been in operation for years. Although this is necessary for our evolution, it doesn’t mean the process is pretty or pleasant.

Staying in balance and maintaining self-care is extremely important during times of turbulence, so my suggestion that you create space for yourself is especially timely.

Avoid confrontations, challenges or any aggressive interactions. If you are confronted, do not engage in power struggles as it won’t serve you. Extricate yourself as quickly and gracefully as possible and process what happened later.

Above all, act from your highest self. If  you are upset or if someone is upset with you and you truly don’t understand why,  be curious when pondering what may have created the situation and accept that there may be a misunderstanding. This is an open state of being that allows for connection later, if it makes sense.

If you experience any “undoing” in your life, rather than trying to hold it together, check in to see if this is something you need to release for your highest good. Be open to possibilities and don’t be rigid – don’t block the gifts!

Know that these energies can also bring you unexpected opportunities, so be available for blessings to arrive in your life by holding the vision of what you want to create.

During tense energies, remember to stay in your heart and view everything through the lens of compassion. Hold the vibration of love and it will serve you well ♥.

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