Current Astro Events – Aug 29, ’14


Circle of love

We begin the week with a Sun-Neptune opposition today, highlighting the soft dreamy energy of imagination, compassion, solitude and Divine Love – or confusion, sacrifice and deception. 

This can be a planetary big picture energy – how you imagine the world can be and your part in it. I suggest that you choose the flow of creativity and connection with All That Is.

Remember, there are higher and lower expressions of every energy and you can decide what you experience by directing your attention toward what you want. If you’re feeling directionless or disempowered, please get help to find your center and purpose. It will change your experience of life. 

On Sunday the Moon is conjunct Saturn, so it’s a great time to get something done that gives you a sense of accomplishment (higher expression) – or you may feel low-energy and burdened (lower expression). With Saturn, discipline and effort are always rewarded because you get back what you put out in equal measure.

Maybe this is a good time to get organized or to do some planning. Do something worthwhile that works for you and speaks to discipline or commitment – that’s the key. And then go out and play :))

On Wednesday the Sun trines Pluto, giving you a boost in transforming any situation that calls for a powerful shift. Use this energy well – it is beyond what’s usually available (turbo-charged), so feel into where you can use extra cosmic support and go for it!

This is a good time to think about where you want your life to go in the second half of the year and what you want to develop or create. Use the Neptunian energy today to get your big picture. What’s calling for attention in your life and where is your Higher Self wanting to go?

Feeling aligned in your life will bring you peace, meaning and give you a sense of direction. Feeling alive and purposeful feeds vitality. I wish that for you!

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