Current Astro Events – Aug 24th, ’12

The energy has shifted decidedly as we move from creative Leo into the analytical, conscientious sign of Virgo.

This is a good time to get organized and ready for the fall season. Virgo is all about order and efficiency – what is useful and what isn’t. Make decisions accordingly.

Neptune opposes the Sun today, which can create confusion, illusions and misconceptions. Don’t make any major decisions without a reality check from a trusted adviser please.

Higher expressions of Sun-Neptune energy are spiritual and creative pursuits, as well as the yin energy of being in nature. Photography, film, dance, yoga and kirtan are all examples of Neptunian activities that can soothe your soul and lift your spirits!

Mars (warrior, maverick) just left harmonious Libra and moved into passionate Scorpio yesterday until early October. This is such a powerful energy for connecting your will to your intentions.

When you fully decide and commit with actions, you will make it happen if you don’t stop until you reach your goal!

This is a non-negotiable energy: no quitting, no giving up, no discouragement is greater than your passion for creating your vision! Tap into this energy to manifest a dream.

The North Node (Destiny) moves into Scorpio (transformation) this week until Feb ’14. The invitation is to explore your hidden parts and experience yourself fully.

Have the courage to be real. Spending your life projecting an image that you think is acceptable is not living – it’s acting.

Your judgment of what you fear within yourself is worse than the reality of it. Resisting aspects of yourself makes these parts pop up at the most inopportune moments. Have you ever thought to yourself, “I can’t believe I just said that!”

We all have lower expressions of Self, but you don’t have to act them out if you integrate them into your being. That’s why personal development work is so powerful – it allows you to experience all of yourself without judgment.

I know this is a little heavy, but hey, it’s Scorpio. Why be superficial if you can go deep?!

Take good care of yourself and dare to dive in and explore the story beneath the surface. You might find some hidden gems in there! I hope you do :)


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