Current Astro Events – Aug 21, ’15

zodiac pinkYou may find yourself in the aftermath of last Wed’s Venus-Uranus aspect, especially if anything unexpected came up for you. Or you may have made a move that was out of character with your usual identity.

Did you experience anything different regarding choices, actions or interactions? This energy has the potential to broaden your horizons and help you align with your Higher Self – and you can hold that as a possible outcome for anything that you experience :)

Suggested mantra: My outlook and actions broaden my horizons and align with my Authentic Self.

We begin this week with a Sun-Saturn square later today. Rather than feel burdened, pay attention to anything you need to handle in order to move forward or to clean up the past.

If there’s a decision you have to make, either make it or get the needed info/support so that you’re dealing with it, rather than avoiding it. Even making a To Do list and prioritizing the items is a positive first step – but DO something! Saturn doesn’t settle for thinking about things, it’s about making an effort and creating structures or something real.

On Sunday, Aug 23rd we leave Self-centered, creative Leo and move into the sign of the humble servant, Virgo. This is all about focusing on practical actions and getting things in order. Interesting how it aligns with “back to school” time for many.

The beginning of the week feels smooth and is often expansive, especially on Tues and Wed, when Jupiter is harmoniously in the mix. Allow your confidence and the grace of the Universe to support you in stretching into something beyond your usual safe space (viewpoint, thoughts, actions).

Saturn (limitations) is still squaring Jupiter (expansion), so you may experience a reaction to new/big moves or you may not even allow yourself to stretch beyond your usual “security” zone that you operate from.

The familiar is a safe place when you’re fearful, even if it’s not working. Ugh! That’s a hard place to live from – that’s why I’m always encouraging you to try something new that will set you free.

Be WILLING to stretch and stop buying into fear-based viewpoints that hold you hostage. Try on a new viewpoint that is ore supportive and allows you to feel empowered, rather that living from victimhood (stuck, suffering). You can shift the way you see things at any time (good news!).

We are approaching a Full Moon in Pisces on Sat, Aug 29th, so later this week you may experience heightened emotions and more reactivity in yourself and others as we begin the ascent. As always, easy does it…

Two things to remember going forward:

1) Venus is still Retrograde until Sept 6th, so if you’re shopping for a big ticket item, know that you may later regret your choices or change your mind, so either wait or know that you may want to choose again later (can you return the item?). I still suggest not doing anything permanent (tattoo, cosmetic surgery, etc.) during this time – or do it at your own risk :))

2) The month of Sept is going to be a major energetic reshuffling, to say the least! We have two Eclipses, which can create dramatic twists and turns that you never saw coming (for better or worse) – and Mercury Retrograde begins on Sept 17th.

Wishing you a joyful, peaceful, productive week!

We have a few windows of Moon Void of Course periods this week, which can affect business and planning, so be aware when taking actions for maximum effectiveness.


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