Current Astro Events – Aug 1, ’14



Happy August! This week we have 3 planets in Leo (the leader) – the Sun, Jupiter (expansion/beliefs), and Mercury (communication). We also have Mars (action/will) in Scorpio (power/transformation) squaring the Leo planets.

This can create angry thoughts/words, fighting, self-righteous and other puffed up, “I’m right and you’re wrong” energies being flung about. There’s a lot of drama going on, from weather-related events to human-driven events these days, and the tension is escalating.

The remedy? Either focus on creating something positive or step into your leadership by taking responsibility for something where you can help (anything/anyone). At the same time, hold a viewpoint of love and compassion and be a model of taking the high road, no matter what.

At the end of the day, you will feel good about yourself and you have no idea who you will impact with your kind heart. Decide to be a channel of love and a beacon of Light. We so need it now!

Every positive creation (Leo) you offer helps to raise the vibration of the planet. We need all the creativity and transformation we can generate with the highest of intentions! Feel into what you are called to create during this juicy time – inspiration can channel through whenever you’re open to it.

Remember, all hard aspects (tension/conflict) are also ripe energy for breakthroughs if you are open, willing to be honest with yourself and non-judgmental – and every breakthrough you have, also benefits the world!

I believe we are here to change the world and hold the vision of love, peace and Oneness. Leaders decide and move forward in service to their vision. Pay attention to the inner messages you receive and follow your guardian heart. You won’t go wrong.

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