Current Astro Events – April 27, ’12

As Mars (planet of action) moves forward, we have a harmonious Grand Trine in Earth signs, which is very positive and powerful for creating and manifesting. This, as the Sun moves through the most earthy, fertile sign of all, Taurus!

If you take practical, deliberate actions during this time they will serve you well. Earth signs create and support structures, systems and ideas that are grounded in reality. Slow and steady does the trick. This isn’t about being flashy – it’s about being intentional and productive.

If you make thoughtful plans and take methodical actions, you will find that you are able to accomplish great things. Hold your vision, pay attention to details and mind your creations.

Late next week we approach the Full Moon in Scorpio and as the week progresses, emotions will rise. It’s important to stay in your center and avoid power struggles of all kinds. Just say “no” to drama!

If you’re going to make any large purchases, do it now before Venus goes Retrograde on May 15th. Venus rules your judgment (among other things) so you should also make any dramatic style or permanent changes now, unless you want to wait until July.

If you spend big $$ or make big changes when Venus is Retrograde, you may change your mind and then be very sorry. Consider this your advance notice…

Happy creating!

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