Slow and steady… Current Astro Events – April 24, ’15

Laurie Kammer Earth Day

This heartfelt image was created by Laurie Kammer, artist & Avatar Master and I love the feel of it. Earth Day occurs when the Sun is in Taurus, the sign that represents the Earth, fertility, the physical world and what you value. When we have reverence for ourselves, one another and the Earth, we WILL create a different world.

Having reverence means treating things as sacred, rather than seeing them as ordinary. When you live with reverence, it will totally shift your experience.

Want to change your day? Have reverence for every little thing… and each experience will become more profound and your vibration will rise. No judgment, only love and sacredness — and you will feel so good when you operating from this place within.

This week the Sun, Mercury (mind/communication) and Mars (action/will) are all in Taurus, which facilitates steady, persistent actions and the patience to lay the groundwork for the inspired visions/intentions you birthed on the New Moon in Aries last Sat.

What came up for you last weekend – and in the days after? Did you discover anything new or receive messages that created openings or possibilities for you? Think back and make sure that you’re not passing up unexplored opportunities…

This is a period of relative calm and stability and a good time to plant and nurture seeds that you want to grow and cultivate going forward. Do it now, because in about 3 weeks Mercury will go Retrograde again and you’ll be going back over creations that you begin in early May.

Mars in Taurus is slow and patient, so enjoy your process and be present in each moment. Don’t feel the need to hurry.

Worrying about being late, behind, or not having enough time are all low vibration “hamster wheel” sabotage patterns. Then you are deprived of all the attention they occupy. Occupy the present :))

You may still be in the undoing/reorganizing phase of the Pluto Station, as it turns Retrograde to realign the structures that support you in creating a healthy, aligned container for your life.

It’s not always easy or clear when you’re in a Pluto experience, but the benefits are profound on the other side – and the disruption is ultimately worth it in order to create your realigned setup. And so are YOU. ♥︎

Take actions with reverence this week and watch your experience of life shift into a high vibration as you make changes and begin paths that create lasting results.

We have all day Moon Void of Course  periods this week, which affects business and planning, so be aware when taking actions for maximum effectiveness.

This is a good time to get your Perfect Timing Guide  for the annual price of $111.00 for 12 months.

Namaste, friends.

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