Current Astro Events – April 12, 2019

Jupiter is Retrograde through Aug 11 and it invites you to assess where you are, where you’re going, and your beliefs about the possibilities for your life and the world you are living in.

What is true for you – and what is meaningful? Your ideals and beliefs are YOUR decisions, unless you just follow or listen to what others believe. I suggest that you stand in your Authority and choose deliberately.

We open the week with Mercury square Jupiter on April 12, indicating bombastic speech, overblown ideas, hyperbole (all lower expressions), or stretching beyond old thinking to create new solutions or making connections with people who expand your horizons (higher expressions).

Your job is to be mindful not to go overboard or try to impress others, or be sloppy with facts that matter. Used positively, you may surprise yourself by generating an idea that expands your thinking, restructuring your conceptual framework. Stretching is good for you, when it’s aligned with your Inner Guidance.

The Sun squares Pluto on Sat, April 13 inviting you to release something or it can indicate a power struggle. Or maybe something that has been hidden is revealed, changing the picture dramatically. Easy does it…

Notice what is ending, dying, complete or redundant that you’re still attached to – and needs to go. Or you may be forced to let go, with Pluto on the South Node (past). Do the best you can to surrender for your Highest Good and maximum peace. Clinging creates suffering and is a misuse of energy.

On Sun, April 14 we have a Grand Trine (harmonious flow) in fire (action) between the Sun, Moon and Jupiter that creates joyful connections, fun, socializing and feelings of optimism and warmth. At the same time, Pluto and Venus connect, activating passion, love and creativity. What a day to enjoy and make things happen! This energy feels golden after the heaviness of Saturn/Pluto squaring the Sun last week.

Tues, April 16 Mercury is 29º Pisces, going into Aries on Wed. Finally the Mercury in Pisces (with Neptune) phase is complete! That was an intense experience of nebulous information, communications and thinking that created distraction and interfered with the ability to focus in unnerving ways. That was a tough one. And it is now over!

Mercury in Aries is clear, confident and has something to say! What do you have to say – or think? Pay attention to what your message is (you have one!). Where are you now? Mercury in Pisces was likely unwinding something in your space that has shifted you. It may be subtle.

All week we’ll be leading up to a big Full Moon next Fri, April 19, that includes Uranus (change), so know that emotions will be heightened beginning around mid-week until the Moon is Full. Be mindful and stay high. Watch your tongue when Mercury moves into Aries, as you may be impulsive and blurt something out without thinking that creates a problem or hurt feelings. Just a friendly warning :))

We’re moving now, so take actions and choose activities that will drive you forward. Keep watching, tuning in, growing and awakening – you are being led somewhere.

And remember, the North Node (Destiny) is in Cancer, sign of nurturing, your personal life and your needs, so take good care of yourself, whatever that means for you – and trust your process.


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