Current Astro – Dec 16, ’11

We’ve just been through a Lunar Eclipse, with Uranus (the new/unexpected) and Mercury (info/communication) both going Direct. These are all huge energies and everyone I know has been feeling the undercurrents.

You can expect new information to continue to filter in post-Mercury Retrograde that may change your view of the current landscape. Take all the incoming information in and then go within to connect with your inner guidance.

Words of wisdom: Your Higher Self (intuition) is always the most reliable guide for you on your path.  If you’re not clear, either wait to make decisions or get help from a trusted advisor to clear any blockages that may be present.

You have a relatively small window of opportunity (Dec 14 to Jan 22), to initiate or pursue new projects, pursuits and activities before Mars (action/will/the body) goes Retrograde from Jan 23 – April 14. (That’s a long Retrograde!)

You’ll be reviewing, revising and making corrections where you’re out of alignment via your work, the way you operate in the world (your will), your physical body, and more.

So what should you do? The guidance is to initiate “the new” between now and Jan 22nd.

Right now is the time to plan for the first quarter of 2012 – deciding how you will take care of yourself, what you will participate in, where you will go and who you will do it with. All is in Divine Order, so just say “yes” to what is.

Don’t judge things as good or bad because you don’t know the big picture. More will be revealed…


Sun in Capricorn – Dec 22, ’11

The Sun moves into serious, grounded, committed Capricorn late Tues PT/early Wed ET and you will feel the energy shift when it does. This is another wake-up call – we could call Capricorn the “Reality Check” sign, which asks you to step up and take responsibility for ALL your creations.

Look at your life to see what’s working, what’s not working, and where you want to go. Planning, organization and boundaries are all within Capricorn’s domain so really take inventory of your life over the holidays.

At this moment you have yet another opportunity to step into your authority and your mastery in the world, as well as the invitation to fully claim your inner authority.

Trust yourself – listen to your inner guidance system and allow it to be your intuitive tracking device; it will never steer you wrong!

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