Current Astro – Aug 1, ’10

We are now officially in the Cardinal Climax, a configuration of powerful planets in a stressful setup that’s guaranteed to get your attention regarding the parts of your life that are not in alignment with your Higher self.

Wherever you’re in hiding (playing small) or denial, you may feel mighty uncomfortable – this is the ultimate reality check!

If you’re willing to face your fear and take a leap, you can use this energy to create a breakthrough that takes you to a new level, allowing for a more authentic expression of self and a greater contribution to the world.

If you’re still in the “hallway” (no longer in one room, but the next hasn’t yet been revealed), practice extreme self-care and stay open for messages as to how/where to proceed based on what feels right for you.

Shaky structures that aren’t working will be obvious and need to be adjusted ASAP. If you avoid making corrections you may feel like Charles Atlas with the weight of the world on your shoulders trying to hold everything together! Delegate or release whatever you can to create more space for yourself.

Here’s the setup: Jupiter (expansion) and Uranus (innovation) are together in Aries, sign of action/will and this dynamic duo is on fire – they want to jump into the new and create change NOW!

Opposing them are cautious and methodical Saturn who wants to plan everything to avoid mistakes, and it’s being pushed by the maverick, Mars, who can’t act freely in the energy of Saturn (but that doesn’t keep Mars from trying!). This creates enormous tension, which can manifest internally or externally.

If you feel edgy or frustrated, get a massage, go within, meditate, be in nature or listen to music you love – utilize some spiritual practice to bring you back to center.

Pluto (transformation, upheaval, the unconscious) squaring Jupiter and Uranus can instigate impulsive, power-driven, acting out on a grand scale. Pluto squaring Mars/Saturn can be volcanic eruptions and heavy energies that have been repressed underground (whether in the unconscious or in the earth). This may show up in world events as well as your personal life, so  take care of yourself by choosing non-reactivity and whatever happens, don’t engage in power struggles!

I suggest that you tweak the structures in your life – your business, your schedule, and your boundaries. This is also a great week for doing inner work to discover “buried treasure” within you or to integrate unconscious energies. Find creative ways to make course corrections wherever necessary. The call is to focus on structural work in order to create a more supportive foundation for your evolving life.

As the week progresses Venus closes in on Saturn, bringing up issues of self-esteem, relationships and money – which are all related. Focus on how you value yourself (or not). Do you honor yourself in relationships with others, do you charge appropriately for your services and do you treat yourself as the Divine being that you are? Or do you criticize and judge yourself, believing that others are better or more deserving than you are? If so, there’s work to be done to integrate unsupportive beliefs and to create those which you prefer!

If you experience overwhelm or stress, impeccable self-care and compassion for yourself and others can shift the energy. Are you taking good care of yourself or just pushing through each challenge, wearing yourself down? If you’re feeling depleted you need care, and as your own “personal manager,” it’s your job to make that happen! Invest in your personal well being, whatever that means for you.

This piece around self response-ability bears repeating: All your relationships are mirroring YOU back to YOU. It’s stressful when you project disowned aspects of yourself onto others because you will always feel separate and often victimized. It’s not about “them,” because you have magnetized “them” into your life to show you something about you!

Mercury Retrograde Alert – whatever you’re creating now you’ll be going back over when Mercury goes retrograde in a few weeks
, so don’t worry about having to get everything right the first time. However, if you’re going to begin something new or make that major purchase, now is the time to do it!

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