Cosmic Turning Point ~ Jan 10, 2020

With so much major planetary activity, it’s hard to describe this experience, that began long before today. This is a multidimensional cosmic turning point, transforming the collective consciousness and your personal consciousness, if you’re attuned to the messages from your universe. Do your best to align with changes that are redirecting your life going forward.

Today (Jan 10) we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse @ 20º Cancer – 11:21am PT and 2:21pm ET. The Moon rules Cancer, highlighting issues re: home (literally and where you feel at home), family and belonging. Look for sudden endings that are driven by deep needs, even unconscious. Every ending will ultimately lead to a rebirth in a new arena.

Remember, Eclipses can heighten anxiety, especially in sensitive Cancer – sign of feelings, needs and emotions. Your security may feel threatened, which creates mental stress. So please be very gentle with yourself, move slowly and practice being objective re: your life, news and events this week. Soothe yourself, if needed, in healthy ways. This is your job.

The Moon in Cancer is opposing a powerful stellium (group) of planets in Capricorn – the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto, all within 3º of each other. The stellium creates a wall of Capricorn structure, rules, institutions, traditions, ideas and old ways of operating that are crumbling/imploding in the collective. This is intense – and we’re watching it happen in real time.

To add to the electric energy, Uranus (liberation) turns Direct today, activating sudden changes in the final leg of an area that’s been in the process of change for the last year or so. This will push you forward or clear a path, but along with the Eclipse energy, this is a pile on! Even with positive changes, a sharp turn is a lot for your nervous system to process, so practice extra TLC for sure.

Which leads us to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which has been building for a year already. It’s exact on Jan 12, with major restructuring taking place. If it makes hard aspects to your chart (tension, conflict), it will force a breakdown of some kind, with an eventual rebirth.

If Saturn-Pluto aligns with your chart in harmony, it supports your growth and empowerment with profound results. If you’ve been through challenges, look for support via people, messages, signs and open doors to create the future that awaits you. Keep the faith, hang in there and do your work. It’s a slow rebuild, but it will happen if you stay the course.

With Mercury (mind) conjunct the Sun, Saturn and Pluto, ideas, plans and agreements may be in the works to recreate your future. Use the best that these planets have to offer by developing solid, stable new structures to carry you forward, beyond this chaotic shakeup passage.

It’s 2020 – time to wave goodbye to your old life and embrace the new path unfolding before you. Say yes to the changes rather than resisting them and don’t try to resuscitate what is dying. Recognize the completions.

We are being tested, transformed and reconfigured, evolving as we go. You may discover new levels of strength, creativity and spirit you didn’t know you possessed as you realign your life with current events. Stay open and engage from your best and Highest Self possible.

We are 2020 pioneers in this extraordinary time of planetary transformation. I have great reverence for your willingness to be here now and for being part of the tribe that’s here to bring in the light.

Sending you love and gratitude for your presence on our journey together. xo

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