Cosmic Reorganization / New Moon in Sagittarius – Dec 11, ’15


As we awaken to the New Moon we are in a new beginning (so take an action towards something you want to create) — focusing on Sagittarian topics: the meaning of life, beliefs, spirituality, religion, other cultures, foreign travel, politics, wisdom, the big picture, optimism and Higher Truth.

What is true? It totally depends on what you believe. You often internalize ideas because you learn them from others (family, community, friends, mentors, the media) – and you accept those ideas as true without further examination.

I urge you to feel into what actually resonates with you. It’s important to be clear and deliberate – don’t be a sheep and just follow along; think for yourself and tune into your Authentic Self. I think we will all be challenged in the coming days, months and years to rethink and re-examine our thoughts and beliefs as the world changes. The New Earth will require new ways of operating and old thinking won’t cut it…

Jupiter (rules Sagittarius) is squaring the Sun and Moon on this New Moon, which can lead to excess or it can test your faith. Finding meaning in the midst of chaos is soothing to the heart, mind and soul – and faith can help you weather a rough road with greater comfort, regardless of what you have faith in. It’s a personal decision and your own path but I wish you peace, which is helpful to you and the Greater Good.

Mars (the warrior) is still opposing Uranus (change/revolution), which can instigate reactivity, aggression and rebellion, so keep it simple and don’t step on anyone’s toes if you can help it. Moving gently will serve you well.

We are in a Cosmic Reorganization. Pluto is in a T-square with Mars and Uranus, activating power struggles and violence, which can force changes in ways we weren’t anticipating. It’s a breakdown energy – and know that in the big picture it needs to happen in order for transformation to take place.

Saturn (reality) is still squaring Neptune (dreams), unwinding old structures and challenging the status quo such that we’re not even sure what’s happening…

As always, you can use the dramatic energy of tension or conflict to experience personal breakthroughs and awaken aspects of your Self and areas of your life that are calling for attention.

Whatever’s happening in the world is also happening within you on some level, so were is your reorganization happening – or where does it need to happen?

This is a powerful question – and I urge you to get clear before you take action, so that you apply your energy in a way that will be productive and satisfying for you – and helpful for the world.

Venus and Neptune are in harmony, with the energy of Divine Love and compassion in the midst of this cosmic movement. Blessings are happening everywhere all around you all the time. Look for the blessings – and be a blessing.

Your peace and empowerment helps the world. Do what you can and always expect the best possible outcome.

Namaste, friends, we’re all in this together. ♥︎

We have some major Moon Void of Course periods this week, which can derail intended outcomes and productivity – but are optimal times to access your creativity, enjoy spiritual pursuits or leisure activities, and get clear about your priorities.

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