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About Lisa E Zimmerman

Having acquired valuable experience, strength and hope through her 29+ year journey of healing and evolution, Lisa uses her Intuitive gifts and wisdom to find your hidden patterns that are calling for attention and to identify your personal destiny.

This is the path to helping you discover your life purpose, which allows you to release struggle, while creating your heart’s desire with clarity, grace and inspiration. Her passion is supporting you in finding your true identity, so you can access “who you came here to be.”

Called a “Light Amplifier” for her unique insights and deep wisdom, Lisa’s teachings include: The Beauty of Receiving; Empowerment 2.0; In The Hallway: How to Move Gracefully Through Transition Into Your New Life; The Miracle of Transformation; Frame Your Future; Overcome Sabotage: The Dream Stealer; Creation Coaching and Step Into Your Authority Coaching.

Lisa offers small group transformational Awakened Life Retreats throughout the year in Niwot, CO and individual coaching for those who want to achieve something meaningful: Creation Coaching or Step Into Your Authority

She is a deep communicator who loves the intimacy of working with people one-on-one to help them access their Higher Truth and what’s possible for them in this lifetime. Her training is vast, yet her heart is always her guide.

Lisa is an Interfaith Minister from One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in NYC and a Neurofeedback trainer who learned Business Coaching and Energy Healing from some of the great teachers and masters – and she is happy to share her knowledge and blessings to you!

Lisa E Zimmerman
Los Angeles, CA
(646) 484-9084
Soul Level Solutions

Please click the link above to contact Lisa directly for more information about her services or with any questions you might have. Lisa always looks forward to hearing from you!