Conjunction Junction / Pre-Merc Retrograde – Aug 19, ’16

Isis womanThere is so much happening right now. More than ever, it’s important to have a clear intention that is your North Star, to act as a compass and keep you steady no matter what comes up. And it must be meaningful for you or it won’t have the power you need to anchor you.

Having something meaningful to DO and go forward with is the antidote for fear, imbalance or distraction. Unwavering focus is your reference point, which gives you something to measure every decision against (Does this align with my intention? Will this move me toward creating my intention?).

Here’s the current lineup:

* Mars-Saturn conjunction (all week)
Mars (action) and Saturn (structure, limitations) walk together, which can either create obstacles or deliberate, methodical, well planned actions. If you experience an obstacle, rethink your plans (NOT the intention) and course correct. Do not give up or get discouraged if you know in your heart that *it* is meant to happen. Keep going.

* Mercury-Jupiter conjunction
Mercury (mind) and Jupiter (Higher Truth, expansion) are together through the end of Aug. What a gift! Big ideas, expanding beyond limited thinking, good news and opportunities that come through connecting with people or networking are all possible. Expect the best and show up. This is no time to be in hiding…

* Saturn-Neptune square
The Saturn (structure) and Neptune (dreams/illusions) square is in effect through the first week of Oct. This is a long time to have this feeling of undertow as you try to build new structures or maintain those in place.

Saturn is security in the practical world – your reference points, what you can count on. If something doesn’t work out (obstacle), it’s easy to give up or feel blocked. No. Regroup and do the next right thing…

Neptune can take you to fantasyland, either by idealizing or spiraling down into worry and anxiety. Stay balanced. Find your center. Refresh in nature if you go off into your head. Having a focus will help you stay on planet earth with a purpose, so you don’t lose energy and become deflated.

The higher expression of Saturn-Neptune is the ability to manifest (Saturn) your dreams (Neptune) through committed efforts/hard work and a belief in your ideals. Connection to your Higher Self. Yes you can!

Mercury Retrograde is on Aug 30th, but it’s shadow began on Aug 10. In the Mercury shadow, you are creating problems that will show up during Mercury Retrograde. But you will have the opportunity to course correct during the Retrograde, so don’t be attached to perfection – it’s a setup for stress. Retrogrades are a second chance to make things right :))

The Moon Void of Course can easily derail intended outcomes and create chaos instead of smooth productivity – and it is also the optimal time to access your creativity, spiritual pursuits, routines or leisure activities. Be aware and pay attention.

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