Chiron Total Solar Eclipse in Aries – April 2024

Venus in Aries pursues her desires, joining the North Node (Destiny), Sun, Master Healer Chiron and Mercury Retrograde (all in Aries) as we near the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8 at 19º Aries @ 11:21am PDT. A Solar Eclipse is a turning point – a major new beginning, a quantum leap or a sudden ending that can clear obstacles or create a space. In Aries, you boldly claim your independence, will, take action when the impulse strikes and don’t need permission, approval or agreement.

This Total Solar Eclipse is conjoined exactly by Master Healer Chiron, offering clarity or solutions for blind spots and stuck areas, supporting you in realigning with your soul’s path. Stay awake and watch for synchronistic signs, guides and helpers along the way. Pay attention to all new arrivals in your life, even the subtle ones, as they may become a major storyline as life unfolds. Not all Solar Eclipse beginnings land with a boom!; some enter quietly and grow in importance…

On the Solar Eclipse, Mars is in sensitive Pisces – and Mars is the Ruler of Aries, so Mars in Pisces Rules the Chiron Total Solar Eclipse. This softens the energy a bit, as Pisces is the Wu Wei sign, flowing around obstacles, rather than charging through, but it will get where it’s going in its own way.

A New Moon is usually the time to take action toward anything you want to create or develop, but on a Solar Eclipse the energy is so erratic, many avoid taking specific actions because the outcome is unpredictable. Follow your intuition if you decide to take action on the Solar Eclipse, but you never know what will happen!

During this period of chaotic energy, when systems and structures are tested (some hold up, some break down), you also face your own fears and vulnerabilities, as well as your faith and strength. Your outlook during the Solar Eclipse will be personal, even if there’s a collective event that affects many.

Are you fearful, optimistic, philosophical, worried, focused on drama or holding the bigger picture and seeing any pain as part of the evolutionary process? You have a choice re: how you see current events – and the lens through which you view the world will color your experience. I’m not proposing a spiritual bypass (unicorns and rainbows), but it is helpful to find a perspective that empowers you to move forward with intention, while getting help for dealing with anything that blocks you from living joyfully and accessing your gifts, strengths and talents freely.

During the Eclipse, Mars is one degree from Saturn – and on April 10, Mars and Saturn are conjoined. This is often considered a hard aspect, feeling stuck, delayed, hitting an obstacle or obligations that are unavoidable. Because Mars-Saturn is in Pisces (no boundaries) and the Aries planets are like rockets (impulsive without thinking) – AND – it’s wild Eclipse energy – AND – Mercury is Retrograde (there may be mistakes) – being slowed down may not be a bad thing.

Regarding Mars-Saturn conjunct in Pisces, I say, “What’s the rush?” We’re in the midst of volatile energy that is moving back and forth, all over the place – so let’s take a minute to stop and regroup.

Mars-Saturn may mean that what you want to begin (or are beginning) will take time to unfold or build. You may have to wait until this Wormhole energy is complete (May 7 New Moon in Taurus). But if you are slowed, delayed, have to wait or stopped – trust in Diving Timing and know that that All is in Divine Order. It’s the ego that thinks it knows better and wants things NOW. Your soul is patient. Do yourself a favor and align with your soul :))

On April 11, Retrograde Mercury Cazimi the Sun. This is the midpoint of Mercury Retrograde, where Mercury backs into the heart of the Sun and you discover important info that illuminates your journey in a meaningful way. This Cazimi occurs at 22º Aries, 1º from the Eclipse, so you may receive info about your Eclipse story that aids in your understanding or empowerment (an intuitive insight or external info). Be on the lookout for signs, synchronicities, messages and your own intuitive knowing.

This is a blessed way to wrap up a monumental week, with a shot of grace to help you on your path forward, aiding you in where you are going and why you are here. A quantum healing is underway for the collective and it’s not for the faint of heart, but we are for this. It’s no accident, so stay high and pay attention to the ways you can be of service to those around you and always to honor your Evolving Self.

Anything that leaves your life is complete. Let it go. Release the story of who you “think” you are and be willing to discover the higher frequency expression of You that is emerging. Even though its unfamiliar, it is important that you allow it to come through. Don’t let your ego block your blessings by trying to control everything. Oh, and easy does it…

Stay open, be curious and know that all is well (no matter how it looks). There’s so much more to come…

“The winds of grace are always blowing – you just have to hoist your sail.” ~ Shri Paramahamsa Ramakrishna

“In order to make a quantum leap you must be willing to tolerate ambiguity, confusion, possibly even chaos for a while, shaping your game plan as you go. Allow some disorder in your life.”  ~ Price Pritchett

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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