Chiron Retrograde – June 11, ’12

On Mon, June 11th Chiron (the Wounded Healer archetype) turns Retrograde, offering you the opportunity to release old wounds and non-working patterns that create separation.

I urge you to commit to your healing and evolution, as your wounds are the breadcrumbs that will lead you toward your awakening and life purpose.

When you discover the higher expression of your challenges, life takes on new dimensions and what was gray becomes technicolor!

Purification, transformation, initiation and awakening – these all relate to the Eclipse “birth canal” we’re coming through AND the new consciousness that we have agreed to usher in together.

It is an exciting time, even though we don’t know exactly what’s happening. We do know that love and compassion are the ultimate healing energies that can heal humanity if we hold that vibration.

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