Chiron Retrograde and more… – June 30, 2017

Chiron (The Wounded Healer archetype) turns Retrograde today for 5 months highlighting unhealed wounds and allowing for profound healing, should you be proactive and open to handling the deep pain within you.

No matter how much personal work you’ve done, when Chiron makes a hard aspect to your chart, you may feel bewildered when old issues resurface, thinking “This again??! I already dealt with this.” It can be humbling to be presented with new levels of old issues, but your job is to face, heal and integrate anything that limits the full expression of your Self.

Chiron is in Pisces, so you may experience deep grief, disillusionment or a feeling of emptiness within. Abandonment is another Pisces issue, which creates a feeling of disconnection and aloneness, like it’s all up to you – you are on your own. Beyond logic. Deep inside.

Spiritual care is called for, so call in your Higher Guidance for support. We need to feel deeply connected with others, soul to soul. This is why community is so important – as well as faith in humanity. Empathy and compassion are healing for you, others, and the collective. Have faith in the Greater Good and be present with others for peace of mind.

Mercury (mind) and Mars (action) are opposing Pluto (power), which makes for verbal attacks, coercion, dominance, threats – all kinds of dark, reactive energy. The political landscape is a perfect example of how integrity and principles have been abandoned for money, power and self-interests. But Pluto not only rules covert action, it rules bringing what’s hidden to light, so stay tuned… the truth will come out.

On Sunday, we have a T-Square. Mars (warrior) opposes Pluto (power) with Jupiter (expansion) squaring both. The setup for blow-ups is intense so please tread lightly. It’s also potential for a breakthrough with healing work. The guidance is to be conscious of what you say and do and operate with integrity. If tempted, don’t take the bait to be snarky; you are broadcasting your limitations and separation when you do.

The Mars-Pluto opposition continues on through July 4-5. Be mindful where you put your attention and how you allow others and the world around you to to affect your well being. Don’t give your power away by being in reaction; stay in your center and choose peace and sanity.

We’re heading for a highly combustible Full Moon on Sat night, July 8, so the energy will build as the week progresses. If you are in pain or having trouble, use this energy to get the care and help you need.

My wish for you in this Mars-Pluto energy is a  major breakthrough – or that you harness your energy to accomplish a very difficult task. Mars-Pluto has great power. Use it for Good.

As A Course In Miracles says: “A miracle is a shift in perception.” 

Namaste and easy does it…

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