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12 years ago


I’ve just returned from my Platinum Mastermind group in Asheville, NC.

It was a poignant conclusion to a transformative year, not only for me, but for all of my sisters in spirit!

I look back at where I was one year ago and marvel at my growth, both internally and externally.

As you know, your external life is just an outpicturing of what’s happening within you.

And how did this growth happen? By allowing others “in” to offer me new ways of operating and by taking baby steps – one new step at a time.

If you aren’t happy with where you are – or if you feel like your life is out of alignment with your authentic self, then I urge you to take some kind of action to course correct now.

I have been working at healing for a very long time – and believe me, I had a lot to heal! And I continue to evolve by pursuing my next steps all the time, personally and professionally.

Which leads me to an important question when it comes to personal growth and transformation – are you teachable?

  • Are you open to considering/trying new ways of doing things?
  • Do you do everything yourself – without outside help? (If so, why?)
  • Do you often feel misunderstood or different, feeling like nobody “gets” you?
  • Do you trust yourself to recognize the right and perfect teachers/methodologies/modalities for you?

These are just a few inquiries that you can make to see if you’re truly open to allowing help, new information and guidance in.

You cannot stay in your comfort zone and transform your life. All growth requires some emotional risk – and as I frequently remind you, you are SO worth it!

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This is the profound consciousness training that dramatically changed my life a few years ago (and continues to!) – and anyone can do it.

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“You have been programmed to “behave” rather than to be who you are. Layers of “undoing” are required to reveal the diamond inside that is YOU!” ~ Lisa Zimmerman 


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