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Mars Cazimi, Sun in Sagittarius – Nov 17, 2023

a few months ago

Nov 17/18 – Focus on a vision for your future, as we kick off a powerful week with Mars conjunct the Sun – and both trine Neptune, activating a turbo-charged drive and perseverance that can propel you toward creating dreams come true. Mars-Sun in Scorpio has relentless determination, goes deep, and can release stale energies, […]

New Moon in Scorpio – November 2023

a few months ago

The main event this week is Uranus, the Great Awakener, that’s in the mix this weekend and opposes the New Moon in Scorpio, bringing sudden changes to shake up your life and twists to disrupt old patterns. This also gives you the opportunity to make needed changes to prepare for 2024. Nov 10 – Mercury […]

Current Astro Events – October 20, 2023

a few months ago

The crescendo of chaos, violence and destruction in the world continues as we move through the wormhole approaching the Lunar Eclipse on Oct 28. This is a reflection of cosmic activity designed to deconstruct existing paradigms that are obsolete, to make way for innovative solutions, inspired ideas and ultimately, a new Aquarian world – but […]

Pluto Stations Direct – October 2023

We continue to move through the wormhole (a short distance between different realities) in the week preceding the Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse in Libra, coming on Oct 14. We are also in the Pluto Station, a transformational week that can test your nervous system, beliefs and determination, as Pluto activates power dynamics while completing […]

New Moon in Virgo – September 2023

We begin the final week of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo with Mercury slowing to turn Direct on Sept 15, while you focus on resting and retreat until it’s go time after next week. Your body and nervous system will thank you for de-stressing as you contemplate where you are. Sept 8 – Sun trine Jupiter. […]