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New Moon in Virgo – September 2023

a couple of weeks ago

We begin the final week of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo with Mercury slowing to turn Direct on Sept 15, while you focus on resting and retreat until it’s go time after next week. Your body and nervous system will thank you for de-stressing as you contemplate where you are. Sept 8 – Sun trine Jupiter. […]

Venus Direct / Jupiter Retrograde – Sept 2023

  We welcome September with notable shifts, following Uranus Retrograde and the Pisces Full Blue Super Moon on Saturn, which may have activated changes, decisions or forced you to face situations that could no longer be avoided. Now we have Mercury Retrograde, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron all Retrograde, creating an undertow pulling you […]

New Moon in Leo – August 2023

This week highlights the Sun, Ruler of Leo, as we move toward the New Moon in Leo on Aug 16, with Venus and Chiron as supporting players, illuminating your light, and Uranus coming in to redirect your life in some significant way. Get ready to make a turn into new territory. It’s time… Aug 12 […]

Full SuperMoon in Aquarius – August 2023

July 28 – We close July with Mercury entering its most detail-oriented sign that thrives on systems, spreadsheets and doing things the “right” way. Mercury in Virgo seeks efficiency, wellness, improvement and a zen space. Because Mercury turns Retrograde on Aug 23, it will stay in Virgo through Oct 4, so notice what comes up […]

Sun in Leo / Venus Retrograde – July 2023

a couple of months ago

July 21 – We close Cancer season with Pluto opposing the Sun, squaring the Nodes of Fate, with the Cardinal Grand Square applying pressure on us like a Cosmic Alchemist to release karmic imprints and outdated structures. This opens us to higher frequencies that can assist us in clearing the dense energies that keep us […]

New Moon in Cancer – July 2023

a couple of months ago

This is a week of emotional intensity that will launch a new phase of endings, activated by Pluto at 29º Capricorn (the April 20 Solar Eclipse degree), square the Nodes of Fate, along with the new beginning on the New Moon in Cancer. This is a week-long process that starts off on Monday and increases […]

Current Astro Events – July 7, 2023

a couple of months ago

Our backdrop is dreamy Neptune in Pisces and transformational Pluto in Capricorn (both Retrograde and barely moving), aligning to further dissolve and dismantle old outdated structures, as we personally review where we are and make decisions about moving forward from here. With Saturn in Pisces Retrograde as well, it feels like undertow, with three major […]

Neptune Retrograde / Capricorn Full Moon – July 2023

a couple of months ago

June 30 – Neptune turns Retrograde, which invites spiritual integration or the process of finding meaning in what you experience on an inner or higher level via messages, signs, synchronicities, feelings, images or dreams, as your senses are attuned to the nonlinear world. Mindfulness is the way. Slow down. This flowy energy has been active […]

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