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Full Moon in Virgo – February 27, 2021

We have a Full Moon in Virgo tonight (Feb 27 at 12:17am PT), which brings things to Light, creates fulfillment, endings, or completions. The Sun in Pisces rules imagination, dreams, intuition, empathy and compassion – the inner planes, where infinite possibilities lie.  The Moon in analytical Virgo rules service, health, order and details, and the […]

We open the week with some of the sweetest aspects, which are always welcome! Venus is conjunct Mercury on Feb 13, inspiring harmonious conversations and connections, bringing warmth, creative ideas, projects or expressions and a real desire for heartfelt communications. With Mercury Retrograde until Feb 20, it’s an ideal time to reach out to old […]

Futurama: New Moon in Aquarius – February 2021

We move through Feb with an abundance of Aquarian planets that are all about the future, along with Mercury Retrograde (thru Feb 20) that creates opportunities to review/revise decisions, structures and ways of operating that are ripe for course corrections. Radical new and redos.  Aquarius rules modern art (think Picasso/Cubism), modern architecture, clean lines, visionary […]

Mercury Retrograde Turnaround – January 2021

Welcome to the first Mercury Retrograde of 2021 (Jan 30-Feb 20), a turnaround and opportunity to slow down to look again at the territory you’ve recently traveled, offering opportunities to reconsider and revise as needed. You never know what’s possible when you’re willing to see through a new lens! Slowing down (which Merc Rx will […]

Progressive Full Moon in Leo – January 2021

We are in a palpable shift following the Mars-Uranus breakthrough launch of a new administration inaugurated on Jan 20 – a fresh start that set precedents for women, people of color and multi-ethnic backgrounds in positions of national leadership.  Whereas it could have been chaotic, it was a smooth and heartfelt series of rituals meant […]

New Moon in Capricorn / Uranus Direct – Jan 8, 2021

a couple of months ago

Plot twist and a busy week! This week your attention will be redirected and your mood will shift, due to various Mercury aspects, two planets changing signs and one planet changing direction. Whatever you thought was happening, be flexible and open to unexpected changes that are on the way! Uranus (change) is Stationing and supercharged, […]

Happy New Year! – January 1, 2021

a couple of months ago

Happy New Year! We awaken in 2021 with a beautiful Mercury-Neptune sextile that supports visioning – what you want to do, be, or create going forward. This is the perfect time to turn within to journal, meditate, contemplate and create intentions going forward. See what comes up for you, honor it and hold it lightly. […]

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