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Spring Forward in Pisces – March 2023

a couple of weeks ago

We open the week with four planets in sensitive Pisces, the energy of Higher Consciousness, intuition, compassion, imagination – or confusion, victimhood, escapism, addiction. Saturn just entered Pisces for three years and we’re acclimating to the new *training* of bringing dreams, visions and ideas into form in flowy Pisces – much softer and gentler than […]

Full Moon in Virgo / Saturn in Pisces – March 2023

a couple of weeks ago

This is a month of monumental endings and new beginnings, with shamanic Pluto at 29º Capricorn entering futuristic Aquarius on March 23 – and serious Saturn at 29º Aquarius, moving into multi-dimensional Pisces on March 7. As the two heavy hitters change signs, rules, rhythms and frequencies are dramatically altered, spiraling into a new experience […]

New SuperMoon in Pisces – February 2023

We are presented with a week that may feel like, everything everywhere all at once, as you will be seeding your future, based on your engagement with lively and powerful multidimensional dynamic energies, shifting and creating plentiful opportunities for advancement.  Feb 17 – Mercury sextile Jupiter. This can generate good news, positive communications, productive meetings […]

Happy Valentine’s Day! – February 2023

    This is a powerful and productive week, as we continue to prepare for the monumental changes that are on our doorstep, as Saturn and Pluto change signs in March. Be curious and engaged with your process to see where you’re being led and what’s calling for attention. Feb 10 – Mercury conjunct Pluto, for […]

Full Moon in Leo – February 2023

The pressure is building, as we approach the Full Moon in Leo on Feb 5. The 48-72 hours preceding a Full Moon is when emotions heighten and people become more reactive than usual. Stay present, as we have extra emotional sparks on this fiery Moon, which can appear as inspired actions or unconscious triggers. Feb […]

All Planets Direct – January 27, 2023

We continue to shake off old residue as we move forward, with all planets in Direct Motion until April 21. Your readiness to create your new life adventure may feel greater than the pace of events, as the newly Direct planets aren’t up to speed yet, but that doesn’t mean you won’t experience action this […]

New Moon in Aquarius / Lunar New Year – January 2023

a couple of months ago

Jan 20 – The anticipation has been tremendous and you’ve been waiting to launch, as the Sun leaves karmic Capricorn and enters innovative Aquarius, especially with Mars and Mercury Direct – except that Mars (action) and Mercury (info/communication) aren’t moving optimally yet. Aligning with cosmic timing is a stress-reliever, as you develop spiritual and intuitive […]

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