Cancer Finale | Venus in Virgo – July 17, ’15

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We’ve just come through a bumpy New Moon in Cancer, which had a Pluto-Mercury/Mars opposition within it, highlighting emotional buttons where you still hold beliefs about needing protection or you may have felt pushed, oppressed or violated in some way. This energy is dissipating now.

If challenging energies or experiences arise for you (now or ever), know that it’s an opportunity to have a breakthrough or awareness and integrate an issue, belief, wound, or a misalignment.

Feeling helpless is demoralizing and reinforces beliefs in being disempowered or it can feed a martyr identity. If you’re following me, I believe you have a higher calling than being stuck, so don’t give up on yourself! Get help when you need it.

The weekend is relatively quiet and gentle, as Venus moves from showy Leo into humble, giving Virgo, sign of service, on Saturday night. Venus in Virgo likes to demonstrate love by offering practical support and is not the most $$ indulgent Venus. Focusing on helping with the To Do list of someone you care about can be an act of love :))

Venus is sitting at 0º of Virgo for the next 2 weeks – and it will turn to Retrograde on July 25th until Sept 6th. This will be your opportunity to reexamine your values – what you value and how you value yourself. Sounds simple, but it’s loaded ($$, love, all your relationships, what you allow yourself to receive, creativity, desires)!

Great time to buy 2nd hand, but I would hold off on any major purchases during Venus Retrograde, as you may over- or underestimate the value of what you’re buying. Or you could change your mind after Venus goes Direct (a “What was I thinking?!” moment).

The Jupiter-Saturn square is beginning to come into orbit, bringing potential conflict around expansion vs. security/safety. One part of you wants to expand and the other wants to stay safe and secure. If you feel this, choose the higher expression of Jupiter-Saturn, which is to expand in methodical ways.

When faced with a choice, ask yourself: “What will serve me here – expansion or staying still?,” because that is the choice you’re making. Staying still is actually contraction if you are motivated by fear – and fear can be tricky in masking itself as logic, so if you get a “no,” really feel into where that no is coming from.

Also, staying still is just not where we are anymore. Find an action that you CAN do to move forward. If some part of you wants to expand, you are ready to expand!

Wishing you a beautiful, peaceful, gently expansive week.

We have one major Moon Void of Course period this week, which affects business and planning, so be aware when taking actions for maximum effectiveness. You get a little break :))

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