Buddha Full SuperMoon in Scorpio / Pluto Retrograde – April 2021

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There are significant energies at play right now, with intensity increasing as we approach the Buddha Full SuperMoon in Scorpio on April 26 @ 8:32pm PDT, when the energy will release and reverberate into the Pluto Station. It’s a highly emotional week.

Mars has entered Cancer (April 23-June 12), which affects movement, as Mars=action and Cancer is emotional, so you may not take action until you’re in the mood. Cancer (like its Ruler, the Moon) waxes and wanes, and you’ll do best to follow your own rhythm regarding when to move during this time. 

Expect pauses, downtime and bursts of energy alternatively, depending on how you feel, and trust your inner guidance to let you know when it’s “go” time. If this is far from your disciplined routine, you can consider it a “science experiment” should you choose to practice this way of operating, which is more intuitive, nourishing and Self-directed.

On April 24, Mercury and Uranus conjoin, which is fertile ground for change in the form of genius ideas or surprising news that redirects your path/opens doors. This is prime time for brainstorming, insights, writing or communicating with visionary types if you want to create something new or different. Think outside the box and beyond the past (that is complete). Bring in fresh air and change your mind!

Venus and Mercury square Saturn on April 25, which can be bad news, a difficult decision, a conflict or challenging conversation that leaves you feeling disconnected. What’s working and what’s not in relationships? Maybe you set boundaries and people are not pleased (as they say when you stop people-pleasing :)) 

Choose your words carefully, mind your manners, and honor your Self when making decisions. Later on April 25, Venus and Mercury move past Saturn to create positive communications and a happy, social vibe. Enjoy the warmth.

On April 26 @ 8:32pm PDT we have a Buddha Full SuperMoon at 7º Scorpio. The Buddha Full Moon commemorates the birth and enlightenment of the Buddha and a SuperMoon indicates a Full Moon that is especially close to the earth, creating extra emotional reactivity.

The Sun, Uranus, Venus and Mercury are all in earthy Taurus opposing the Moon in Scorpio – and Saturn is in Aquarius, squaring ALL of the planets. Wow. That’s a lot of tension, polarization, power struggles and firmly entrenched positions, each trying to have their way – and highly emotional! Scorpio rules secrets and what’s hidden, so stay tuned for dramatic covert reveals. 

The Taurus stellium (Sun, Uranus, Venus, Mercury) rules money, new paradigms, business, info – and Saturn rules the government, structures and laws, while Pluto rules wealth, debt, taxes and power – an energetic clash of the Titans. Look for death and rebirth – that which needs to die in order to be reborn in a form that is more suited to the current climate. 

Personally, Taurus rules your security and comfort and Scorpio rules trust issues and power. Where are you with all of this? You may have resources ($$), but fear losing them – or fear someone usurping your rights (voting, guns, womens’ right to choose). If you knew you were safe, would you be okay – and what will that take for you? These are the inquires of Taurus/Scorpio. Plus, knowing what you need to release that is now complete – the perfect Full Moon ritual. 

Saturn and Uranus are squaring each other all year – and you’ll be feeling it on this Full Moon with the intensity of Scorpio added in to turn up the emotional temperature. Saturn (the old) and Uranus (the new) have locked horns and neither will back down, so I suggest you make any needed changes and avoid conflicts as much as possible. The higher expression of Saturn-Uranus is making practical or methodical changes with a plan that will broaden your horizons. Step by step. Don’t jump out of the plane without a parachute! 

The highest awareness is to be an observer of all that’s taking place and be able to understand the various positions. Everyone thinks they are right. It is fascinating how true that is. It is easier to connect with others when you are not in resistance to them, so choose your positions and words wisely. See how/where you get lost in this game and give up your power – and what will help you reclaim peace and create stability, internally and externally.

The Full Moon in Scorpio is always a good time for a breakthrough, to discover a hidden belief, behavior or attitude that is causing you stress and dragging you down. This is a perfect time to assess what to let go of that will serve your life going forward. Auto-pilot is employing old decisions in the present moment. Be here now. What needs to go?

Pluto (transformation) is at 26º Capricorn from March-July, barely moving, but it turns Retrograde on April 27, adding to the current intensity and issues around power. I once made a distinction between pseudo-power and superpower. Examples of pseudo-power are dominance, manipulation and seduction, whereas superpower is the ability to create what you want and access your gifts, strengths and talents to use them deliberately.

Know that when you resort to pseudo-power, these are strategies that once worked for you, but they’re no longer relevant. Not good enough. Low vibration. Fear is present – or it’s a habit. To be aware of your motivation and how you are acting is a great Pluto check-in. And by the same token, feeling powerless is not an effective strategy for living either, so that belief is calling for healing – and learning new methods of operating as well. Look for your teachers and get the support you need.

On April 29, Mercury sextiles Neptune, with creativity, intuition and compassionate communications all served by the nonlinear Neptune energy connecting with the mind and mental processes. This is so wonderful for writing, speaking, singing, artistic pursuits, as well as spiritual practices and channeling your Higher Self. Beautiful. Soft. Soothing, especially after the intensity of the earlier part of the week.

With all that’s happening, it can be tremendously productive if you’re available for that. Be open and participate in your process of growth and evolution. We have no guidebook for how to proceed during this unusual time. 

Tune into your Inner Self for messages and feelings and always stay open to recognizing your helpers who will appear along the way. Pluto always brings a guide when life is falling apart.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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