There’s a lot going on these days energetically…
Your life may have become stressful and confusing.
Or, you may simply be in a rut.

Perhaps it is time for you to receive gentle, quality care and guidance that will restore your mind, body and spirit so that you can move forward in a more inspired, relaxed, confident, aligned way.

Goddess Prayer

This is precisely why I have created the Boulder VIP Retreat.

During your private soul restoration rehab, you will receive:

*a “time out” from the demands of your familiar world and daily life
*the opportunity to luxuriate in the nature of beautiful Boulder and Niwot, CO
*a peaceful, nurturing space to receive special care and attention
*Astrological Guidance, Intuitive Coaching and Energetic Rebalancing (neurofeedback),
*delicious, healthy food and deep, peaceful sleep;
*PLUS, we get to hang out together :))

This could be just the experience that will serve your needs and reset
your consciousness for new clarity and a new beginning!


For this retreat, you will come to a beautiful space in Niwot, CO and we will
explore for 2 1/2
full days through a program designed and tailored just
for you and your specific needs and goals.

Your Soul Restoration experience will include:

  • An Intuitive Natal Astrology Reading (or an update if you’re a past client) with Current Events/Coming Attractions;
  • Neurofeedback sessions (creates new neural pathways, creating deep relaxation, rebalances/upgrades your brain functioning, relieves stress and enhances sleep). (For more info on neurofeedbackclick here) – you’ll LOVE this!
  • Nature walks, visiting local sights if you desire, space for journaling, relaxing, exploring the sights;
  • Healthy, delicious meals;
  • Coaching, experiential tools and personal exploration;
  • A Solar Return reading (your Birthday year, past or upcoming);
  • A concrete action plan for moving forward;
  • A hike around Wonderland Lake.

While I’ve done my best to paint this vision accurately for you, these words can’t adequately describe the experience of care that you will receive. It is my intention that you will leave here with renewed hope, energy, and a new perspective on yourself and your life. I am offering my skills, talent and expertise as an Intuitive Astrologer, Transformational Coach and Neurofeedback Provider to guide one person for two days on a personal exploration of their soul’s evolution.

Consider this to be your Soul Restoration Care Package :))

I will help you get clear about where you are and where you want to go, as you rise above old limitations and create a plan to move forward to make your dreams a reality. Plus, you will experience the magic of Boulder and Niwot, CO. If you’ve never been here before, I can tell you there’s a special sacred energy here that you will feel immediately.

I know that whoever comes to be with me is ready to receive impeccable care, experience deep connection, commune with nature and have a wondrous experience. It is karmic and will show in your astrology chart :))

A sweet space will be your container. Astrology, Neurofeedback, Coaching, nature and Deep Intuitive Guidance is all part of it. But YOU will be the real guide. Your soul’s path will direct us as I journey with you surrounded by the healing magic and mystery that the Boulder area has to offer.

Come find yourself and realign in the mountains. You will leave refreshed, renewed, redirected, and ready to meet life in a whole new way.

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If this speaks to your heart and you’re ready to receive, you can purchase here!

1st available space – Jan 3-6, 2019

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Email me here to make arrangements — or if you’d like more information.