Blue Moon in Pisces – Aug 31, ’12

We had our second Full Moon in August this morning at 9:58 am EDT, making this a Blue Moon. The Full Moon is the culmination of things, when hidden issues and items come to light.

A Full Moon in Pisces is an ideal time to meditate, to be in nature, listen to beautiful music, dance, be creative or do anything that connects you with your Higher Self.

Go nonlinear (the scenic route) – and stay tuned to see what is revealed in your consciousness and in your world!

Virgo rules details and order (left brain) and Pisces rules the nonlinear, or All That Is (right brain). Combining these two polarities is like having a huge container within which you can order your life, that is a perfect expression for you!

This Full Moon has Chiron (Wounded Healer archetype) sitting on the Moon in Pisces, which invites you to tend to your needs that are calling for care.

It is your responsibility to get your needs met, so wherever you’re feeling empty, think about and choose something nurturing to remedy that. What would feel good for you?

Do something loving and comforting for yourself and don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it. That’s also your job :)

We currently have the energy of transformation in the mix, with Mars and the North Node in Scorpio – and Pluto squaring Uranus. This creates ongoing intensity and shadowy energy that may bring up feelings and behaviors within you that aren’t so pretty.

Don’t let any dark thoughts/feelings you have freak you out – we all have them! Your experiences create your road map, to show you where healing and integration is needed.

Don’t judge anything you experience as good or bad. Rather, get the help you need to work with it, so that you are ultimately restored to a state of clarity, peace and love.

I wish that for you and for us all. We are the Lightworkers, here to help, and we need to give and receive good care!


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