Mercury Direct – Sept 29, ’09

Mercury (planet of communication, information, education) is stationing to go direct today (Tuesday), but it won’t actually move forward until Thursday, Oct 1st, as it takes a few days to get going. When Mercury is stationing communications may seem to stand still, as if nothing is happening.  On Oct 1st you can sign contracts if you need to but it would be better […]

New Moon in Virgo – Sept 18, ’09

By now you are likely acclimating to the shifts that we’ve all been faced with as times change. How this manifests in your life has a lot do with how willing you are to let go of what’s complete, over, or redundant in your life in order to step into new territory. If you are […]

Mercury Retrograde – Sept 6/7 2009

Sept 6th @ 9:45 pm PDT/Sept 7th @ 12:45 am EDT until Sept 29th, ’09 Mercury, planet of communication, information and education is about to go retrograde from late Sun, Sept 6th PDT and early Mon Sept 7th EDT until Sept 29, 2009, going back over the events or the story that began around Aug […]

Lunar Eclipse Aug 5 ’09

The Lunar Eclipse on Wed, Aug 5th at 5:55pm PT ~ 8:55pm ET completes the trio of eclipses that began on July 7th. Notice what’s coming in and what’s leaving your life – whether you feel like you’re being led or you’re consciously creating, be willing to expand into the new. If you know what […]

New Moon in Cancer – June 22 ’09

10:12 am PDT ~ 1:12 pm EDT      The New Moon is in the ultra-sensitive sign of Cancer, which rules your emotional self, your needs and how you get them met, your home (your nest), feelings of tenderness and vulnerability, emotional safety and security, family, food, tradition, connection, nurturing and being nurtured. Are you neglecting your emotional needs […]

New Moon in Gemini ~ May 24th, ’09

5:11 am PDT ~ 8:11 am EDT   We have a New Moon in the friendly, curious sign of Gemini on Sunday, May 24th.   The New Moon is the time for new beginnings so take an action directed toward what you want to increase, create or cultivate in your life. Gemini rules information, all forms […]

New Moon in Aries ~ March 26, ’09

9:06 am PDT ~ 12:06 pm EDT On Thursday, March 26th we have a New Moon in the fiery, assertive sign of Aries. The New Moon is the time for new beginnings – to take action directed toward what you want to increase, create or call into your life. This is the natural time to […]

Venus Retrograde March 6 – April 17, ’09

On Friday, March 6th Venus goes retrograde (appears to move backwards through the heavens) for about six weeks. Venus rules love, money, creativity, relationships, values (what you value and how you value yourself), aesthetics, your personal style, and what makes life worth living. During a retrograde you are asked to do the “re” activities – […]

New Moon Intentions

Because a spark of the Divine is within you, this is the place from which you create. You have the power to manifest your desires when your beliefs are in alignment with them. Check your beliefs and choose your thoughts wisely! New Moon intentions are written statements of what you intend to create in the coming Moon cycle.   Creating […]