Current Astro Events – March 15, ’10

On March 15th we have the last New Moon of the astrological year in mystical, intuitive Pisces. On this New Moon, five out of ten planets are in sensitive Pisces, which highlights dreams, Divine Love, and the knowledge that we all are One.   The New Moon is stimulated by Uranus (innovation and change) and Mercury (communication and info), together in […]

New Moon in Pisces Monday, March 15, ’10

      2:01 pm PST ~ 5:01 pm EST The New Moon is the time for new beginnings, so take   actions directed toward what you want to increase, create or develop in your life. Get clear about your desires and decide that you will manifest them. The extraordinary energy that’s available right now is a gift, […]

Mars Goes Direct – March 10, ’10

Runners take your marks, start your engines, forward… March!!  The day is finally here – Mars (planet of action/will/how we get what we want) is going Direct after a long retrograde cycle.   Everything will begin to move more easily, so get ready for action, as this is the cosmic “green light” for projects that have been stalled […]

New Moon in Aquarius – February 13, ’10

Our “Pre-Valentine Day” New Moon is in Aquarius on Saturday Feb 13th, and it brings in the most beautiful heartfelt energy!  The New Moon is an opportunity to begin again, so dare to be authentic and show your brilliance, while contributing to the greater good.  Take a leap and upgrade your expectations for yourself and your life! What is your genius and what […]

Full Moon in Leo – Jan 29/30

The pressure is building! The 48-72 hours preceeding a Full Moon is when emotional energy heightens and people can become highly reactive. Think of blowing up a balloon – as the Moon waxes, the balloon gets filled with more and more air. When the Full Moon occurs, the balloon “pops” and the energy is released. […]

Mercury Retrograde – Dec 26, ’09 ~ Jan 15, ’10

Mercury  (planet of communication, information, and education) begins it’s retrograde going back over whatever was happening, beginning around Dec 9th.  Pay attention to what’s going on during that time because you will revisit whatever it is during late Dec through Jan 15th when Mercury goes Direct. During Mercury Retrograde all forms of communication are susceptible […]

New Moon in Sagittarius – Dec 16, ’09

7:02 am EST ~ 4:02 am PST    The New Moon is the time for new beginnings  so take an action  directed toward what you want to increase, create or develop in your life. Sagittarius is the “truthteller” and rules higher truth, the meaning of life, spirituality, law, religion, belief systems, philosophy, higher education, ideals, ethics, publishing, broadcasting, […]

Uranus Direct – Dec 1, ’09

Uranus, planet of sudden change, rebellion and your authentic self stations Direct on Tues, Dec 1st after being retrograde since July 1st, ’09. With this energy, you can expect the unexpected – period! It’s not about good or bad, it’s about change and being flexible – the willingness to consider unexpected opportunities or to accept radical changes and […]