Slow Down for Mercury Retrograde – October 2020

a few months ago

We kick off the week with potential fireworks, as feisty Mars Retrograde in Aries squares intense Pluto in Capricorn (barely moving since it turned Direct) today, setting up a combustible standoff between two unyielding powers. Be mindful and don’t engage in conflicts, as you can easily get burned by being reactive, impulsive or by trying […]

Pluto Direct – October 2020

a few months ago

I’ll set the stage for the week by reminding you that Jupiter (expansion) turned Direct on Sept 12 and Saturn (structure) followed Direct on Sept 29, but Saturn is barely moving, amplifying its reverberation and creating delays, obstacles and a feeling stuckness/heaviness.  Patience is your ally with this energy, as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are […]

Jupiter Direct / New Moon in Virgo – Sept 2020

a few months ago

We open the week with dreamy Neptune opposing the Virgo Sun today on Sept 11, good for spiritual practice, creativity, compassion and a connection to All That Is, at best. However, it can also generate anxiety, confusion, low energy, misunderstandings or disillusionment.  With it being Sept 11, Neptune can easily trigger grief due to loss […]

Slow it down with Mars Retrograde – Sept 2020

a few months ago

  Sept 4 – we open the week with two aspects involving personal planets. Venus squares impulsive Mars, potentially creating relationship fireworks (passion), or conflicts/arguments, so be mindful. Venus-Mars fuels creativity, which can manifest as your artistic muse. Be proactive in deciding how to utilize this yin-yang square that will definitely liven things up, one […]

Sun in Virgo / Mars in Saturn – August 2020

Enjoy the final day of Leo today, as we move into a whole new energy with practical Virgo tomorrow, Aug 22. Virgo is an analytical sign that rules health, service and wellness – it’s focused on details, helping and being productive. This is a perfect time to get organized, make your list and take actions.  Virgo […]

Approaching Uranus Retrograde – Aug 7, 2020

We continue along in Leo season, which invites play, creativity and Self-expression – especially with the Sun and Mercury in Leo! Enjoy it, however you can… Venus shifts from social Gemini into sensitive Cancer today for a month, focusing on home, family, food, emotional connections and protection, nurturing, sensitivity and care. This is a sweet […]