Mars Direct / New Moon in Scorpio – Nov 2020

a few months ago

This week highlights power dynamics, as we experience the best and the worst of human nature. The energetic volume is on high, with unrelenting tension and discord in the air, as Mars (warrior) turns Direct today after being Retrograde since Sept 9. When a planet Stations (stops to change direction), its power is amplified, which […]

Current Astro Events – Nov 6, 2020

Mercury squares Saturn today, continuing the ongoing debate and conflict around data, info, facts. Right on schedule, votes are being counted – and contested, as I write this. It will all work out, but not easily or without plenty of opinions, drama and power struggles, due to aspects in the coming week(s). Keep calm and […]

Deep dive in Scorpio – Oct 23, 2020

Good news – this week should feel a little calmer and gentler than the last three did in October. The Sun is in deep, intuitive Scorpio now, ruler of the underworld and all that’s hidden, that informs the tone of the coming month. Scorpio season is an opportune time for shadow work (blind spots), healing […]