Mercury Retrograde in the Wormhole – May/June 2021

a few months ago

May has created a beautiful opening and as we enter into June, it will be more challenging, as the landscape changes. Think: shakeup, reconstruction, reorganizing and into a new reality (the Eclipse wormhole). Allow extra time and space to move and course correct as necessary.  Your mental/emotional well being is your job, so care for […]

May Day / Beltane – May 2021

a few months ago

We end April today with a twist – a Sun-Uranus conjunction, highlighting a radical change or the unexpected. Utilize this dynamic spark to shift stagnant energies that need a shakeup and remember that changes are an outpicturing of something within you crying out for freedom. Dare to embrace your uniqueness with radical appreciation and Self-love. […]

Sun enters Taurus – April 2021

We begin the week with the Sun still in speedy Aries and it shifts into earthy Taurus on April 19, so get ready for a slower, calmer pace after an action-packed weekend. With the Sun square Pluto today (April 16), issues around power, control and shadowy energies are front and center. You may be the […]

New Moon in Aries – March 2021

We have a major action week – and a fiery new beginning on the New Moon in Aries (first sign in the zodiac) on April 11, which promises to activate systems in our emerging new world. As life unfolds we are required to adapt our consciousness, behavior and expectations, while moving toward what calls to […]

Picking up the Pace – April 2021

Mercury sextiles Pluto today (April 2), which supports getting more info, having a deeper understanding or an important conversation that sheds light on a topic that’s confusing, mysterious or incomplete. This can transform a relationship, your viewpoint and attitude or your consciousness via a healing breakthrough that evolves your Being.  Mercury leaves dreamy Pisces to […]

Full Moon in Libra – March 2021

Today we have two auspicious aspects – the Sun conjunct Venus, activating the expression of love, peace, harmony and creativity – and Mars conjunct the North Node of Destiny, asserting passionate actions that lead to fated encounters, connections and events that will propel you forward on your path. Get out there (live or online) and […]