The Pre-Eclipse Alert – Nov 12, 2021

a couple of weeks ago

The week starts out smooth today (Nov 12) with a flowing Sun-Neptune trine and then closes with a high intensity Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on Nov 19. In between we have a series of shake-ups (wake ups) and potential breakthroughs, followed by harmonious aspects that allow for and support integration and new perspectives. Divine alignment! […]

Current Astro Events – November 5, 2021

The coming week starts out smooth and then promises to bring something to a head, which can create the opportunity for great frustration and drama and a possible breakthrough. Maybe one thing leads to another, but there will be charged energy with the collective on edge, so be prepared to be mindful, watch your words […]

Sun in Scorpio, Into The Deep – October 2021

We open the week with a Mars-Pluto square on Oct 22 (today), that offers tremendous power when you utilize it deliberately to accomplish a goal or express your passion, but if you aren’t conscious, it can trigger wounds that cause you to react in aggressive, defensive or problematic ways. Stay awake. For best results, be […]

Saturn Turns Direct – October 2021

On Oct 9 we are at the midpoint of this Mercury Retrograde cycle, with Mercury conjunct the Sun. This aspect can indicate access to solutions, important news, communications or connections that are significant for you going forward and can help to transcend some of your Mercury Retrograde issues. Pay attention, stay awake!  Also on Oct […]

New Moon in Libra / Pluto Direct – October 2021

a couple of months ago

Welcome to October, a month when Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and (on Oct 18) Mercury Retrograde will all turn Direct. This appears to indicate we’re ready to move forward, when in reality, we’ll be in the turnaround energy, preparing to accelerate in the following months, so patience is required during this in-between time. Adjust your expectations […]

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