New Moon in Virgo – September 2021

a couple of weeks ago

We open the week with Mercury trine Saturn on Sept 4, which supports practical thinking, planning, decision-making, signing contracts, taking care of business and organization. Saturn creates things that last – and with Mercury in relationship-oriented Libra, this feels especially good for making agreements and other solid communications. Also, this is a perfect day to […]

Current Astro Events – August 27, 2021

  We are turning a corner this week as we depart August to enter September, with a shift in energy that can help you gain clarity. The Sun is in practical Virgo, happy to be productive, deciding what’s useful and what’s not, so you can make any needed changes.  Take advantage of this analytical gift […]

Uranus Retrograde – August 2021

This is a good week to organize an area of your life as you integrate the various changes that you’ve made intentionally, or have been faced with this year. There is an abundance of planetary support, with the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune and Venus (soon), are all in their own signs for best expression and […]

New Moon in Leo – August 2021

We open the week with the Sun square Uranus on August 6, bringing unexpected changes – either from within or externally. You may suddenly hit your limit of tolerating something, have a dramatic change of heart or experience a blindside that affects you personally. Whatever happens, be mindful of your movements and think twice before […]

Current Astro Events – July 30, 2021

We close July and enter August with the Sun and Mercury in sunny Leo, but Mars is now in productive Virgo, which grounds creativity and inspired ideas with practical actions. Mars in Virgo is service and detail-oriented, creating order and systems. Very useful, as we prepare for the fall season and beyond, good for research, […]

From Sun in Cancer to Leo – July 2021

a couple of months ago

Be mindful of your motives, words and behavior on July 17, as the Sun opposes transforming Pluto. Pluto can move mountains (in a good way), create upheaval, cause death and destruction – or it can support breakthroughs in consciousness when utilized deliberately.  If you want to make good use of the potential available to you, […]

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