Full Moon in Sagittarius – May 2024

May 17 – Mercury square Pluto activates CSI energy that uncovers secrets or hidden agendas that change the playing field, it can facilitate breakthroughs if you’re doing shadow work or it can bring a difficult conversation that reveals a deep truth. The square implies info that’s intense or heavy, but knowing it will align you […]

Current Astro Events – May 10, 2024

May 10 – The final week of Taurus is fertile, ripe with New Moon and Jupiter-Uranus possibilities, as your personal orientation is still in flux after all the chaotic energy. Mercury moves through the final degrees of its Retrograde path before entering fresh terrain on Monday, allowing for a new level of clarity informed by […]

New Moon in Taurus – May 2024

a couple of weeks ago

The Sun in Taurus is the Tree of Life, grounded and peaceful, seeking security and well being. The simple life. The physical world. Connection with the earth and honoring its beauty. Pluto (now Retrograde @ 2º Aquarius thru Oct 11) is continuing to deconstruct and reconfigure anything outdated in the early degrees of Aquarius and […]

Jupiter-Uranus Shift, Scorpio Full Moon – April ’24

April 19 – Although the Sun entered grounded, comfort-loving Taurus, this promises to be a profound week of unexpected shifts, intensity and illumination, ultimately ending with Mercury Stationing Direct. Focus on love, your intentions and intuition, release what’s complete and trust that you are being led to your Highest Good. April 20 – The Jupiter-Uranus […]

Final Week of Aries – April 12, 2024

We enter the final week of Aries in the wake of the Chiron Total Solar Eclipse in Aries that rocked us with its impact, whether you experienced it visually (live or via replay), consciously or whether you missed seeing or being aware of it at all. It affects the collective, as we travel thru the […]

Spring Equinox / Sun in Aries – March 2024

a couple of months ago

There’s an abundance of activity this week as we depart the Sun in Pisces to launch into fiery Aries on the Spring Equinox as we welcome the Astrological New Year. All planets are in Direct motion for the rest of March, fueling momentous actions and wild card outcomes via the Eclipse wormhole (March 10 – […]

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