All Planets Direct – January 27, 2023

a couple of days ago

We continue to shake off old residue as we move forward, with all planets in Direct Motion until April 21. Your readiness to create your new life adventure may feel greater than the pace of events, as the newly Direct planets aren’t up to speed yet, but that doesn’t mean you won’t experience action this […]

New Moon in Aquarius / Lunar New Year – January 2023

Jan 20 – The anticipation has been tremendous and you’ve been waiting to launch, as the Sun leaves karmic Capricorn and enters innovative Aquarius, especially with Mars and Mercury Direct – except that Mars (action) and Mercury (info/communication) aren’t moving optimally yet. Aligning with cosmic timing is a stress-reliever, as you develop spiritual and intuitive […]

Current Astro Events – December 9, 2022

You can feel that we are turning a collective corner, and this week will be mostly stabilizing, following the frenetic Full Moon in Gemini activity of Dec 7 and the aftereffects. Your nervous system will be able to relax when you are operating in a more grounded container with a deliberate path for accomplishing goals. […]

Full Moon in Gemini – December 7, 2022

Dec 5 – We just had a weekend immersed in the Neptune Direct Station in dreamy Pisces, that can slow walk and unwind your ambitions and vitality, making you just want to chill out or daydream. To be proactive, use spiritual practices or creative pursuits to raise your frequency, as Neptune and Pisces calls your […]

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