From Sun in Cancer to Leo – July 2021

Be mindful of your motives, words and behavior on July 17, as the Sun opposes transforming Pluto. Pluto can move mountains (in a good way), create upheaval, cause death and destruction – or it can support breakthroughs in consciousness when utilized deliberately.  If you want to make good use of the potential available to you, […]

New Moon in Cancer – July 9, 2021

a couple of weeks ago

Enjoy your entry into this sweet time of new beginnings as we greet the New Moon in Cancer tonight, July 9 @ 6:17pm PDT. Cancer is the natural sign of the Moon and it rules your feelings and needs, which are non-negotiable. Self-care is top priority, as you set your intentions for what you want […]

Awakening and Breakthroughs – July 2, 2021

July begins with a series of energies that alternately challenge and activate you, with an invitation to grow and follow your spirit’s call by taking necessary steps and facing old issues with the intention for breakthroughs and liberation. The way you frame your perspective has a major impact on your experience, empowering you via a […]

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini – June 2021

June 5 brings a two aspects that can create problems if you don’t direct the energy consciously, so I suggest that you do. First, Mercury squares Neptune, which heightens the Mercury Retrograde effects big-time. Confusion, misinformation, miscommunications, missing data or delays are all possible today – or feelings of worry, disappointment, disillusionment or victimhood. Don’t […]

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