New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini – June 2021

a couple of weeks ago

June 5 brings a two aspects that can create problems if you don’t direct the energy consciously, so I suggest that you do. First, Mercury squares Neptune, which heightens the Mercury Retrograde effects big-time. Confusion, misinformation, miscommunications, missing data or delays are all possible today – or feelings of worry, disappointment, disillusionment or victimhood. Don’t […]

May Day / Beltane – May 2021

We end April today with a twist – a Sun-Uranus conjunction, highlighting a radical change or the unexpected. Utilize this dynamic spark to shift stagnant energies that need a shakeup and remember that changes are an outpicturing of something within you crying out for freedom. Dare to embrace your uniqueness with radical appreciation and Self-love. […]

Sun enters Taurus – April 2021

a couple of months ago

We begin the week with the Sun still in speedy Aries and it shifts into earthy Taurus on April 19, so get ready for a slower, calmer pace after an action-packed weekend. With the Sun square Pluto today (April 16), issues around power, control and shadowy energies are front and center. You may be the […]

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