Final week Venus Retrograde – January 21, 2022

This is the final week of Venus Retrograde and we still have Mercury Retrograde until Feb 3, inviting you to reassess and reprogram whatever needs correction or revision in your life – especially quality of life issues, $$ and relationships (Venus). Your comfort is determined by living in alignment with your values and this is […]

Current Astro Events – December 10, 2021

Following last week’s new beginning with a Solar Eclipse, the focus of this week is on the quality of your life, especially regarding what you value, how you value your Self, love, relationships and money, as Venus conjoins Pluto exactly on Dec 11th, but they are together all month.  Venus wants connection, while Pluto craves […]

Neptune Direct / Approaching Solar Eclipse – Nov ’21

a couple of months ago

Here’s the setup for the week. Neptune is the planet that rules the higher realms where All Are One (unity consciousness), dreams, compassion, empathy, imagination, intuition, Higher Self and nonlinear energy.  When Neptune slows to change direction, its broadcast is felt as a backdrop (subtle, yet profound), and as it Stations to turn Direct on […]

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