Black New Moon in Libra – Sept 30, ’16


We have a Black New Moon in Libra today, which is the time for New Beginnings (called Black, b/c it’s the 2nd New Moon in a month). But even more significant, it’s finally closes a long Eclipse Period that began in early August. This allows for a smoother path going forward.

The New Moon is in Libra, sign of beauty, harmony, peace, the arts, and relationships. Libra sees both sides of the coin when making decisions which can hang you up, but only if you fear making the wrong decision. Hint: Align with your Higher Self for your true GPS.

Now that you’re coming into a more open space, what’s next for you? You may still be in the process of letting go of something in order to move forward. Get clear about where you want to go and then what you have to handle to make it possible.

Expansive, optimistic Jupiter is conjunct the New Moon, giving you the confidence to make a move where you’ve been reluctant to act before. You may see new possibilities that you didn’t before because you were stuck in tunnel vision (Jupiter can open things up!). And Mars (in ambitious Capricorn) is squaring Jupiter, really encouraging you to go for it!

This can be helpful if you’re overly cautious – or it can activate you jumping into something that you ultimately have to “make right” once you’re there. Being a Jupiter type, I think expansion is a good thing; you can adjust as needed along the way – just give yourself the space and flexibility to do it.

This week creates the opening to make a new start. The decisions you make now can take you a long way, so be bold! Relationships are up for examination and Libra is ruled by Venus in Scorpio, so look beneath the surface to get the real story. Don’t take things at face value.

This is a optimal time for self-exploration – especially when it comes to relationships. Rather than looking at the “other,” examine who and what YOU are attracting into your life. Instead of criticizing or analyzing him/her/them, go within to see how they are serving your old story.

Who and what we attract is never random. Have the courage and curiosity to explore if you want to make a real impact that will change your life. Then make the needed changes to attract more of what you want. The Universe seeks balance and the world is your mirror.

On this Black New Moon, take advantage of the expansive energy and plant seeds to activate the life you dream of. And remember, there’s always enough Light for everyone to shine :))

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