Black Friday Astro – Week of Nov 26, ’10

We are now in the sign of happy, lucky Sagittarius, although the New Moon isn’t until Sunday, Dec 5th.

This fiery, adventurous “leap before you look” sign can make you giddy with excitement so remember to stay grounded in reality by creating regular periods of solitude.

Because Venus and Jupiter are now moving Direct and we’re in this optimistic, expansive energy, the impulse to overspend is way up.

When shopping, ask yourself if the purchase you’re about to make will  truly enhance your life  – in other words, is this an investment in YOUR SELF? Get organized and have a plan to avoid overdoing it or your emotions can easily overtake your common sense.

Mars (action/will) and Mercury (communication) are together squaring Jupiter (expansion) and Uranus (sudden change) – what a combustible combo this is!!

Beware of verbal power struggles (arguments) and resist  passive-aggressive, nitpicky comments, whether making them or reacting to them. Avoid making impulsive decisions or moves without really thinking them through.

If you’re the excitable type, I like the 24-hour rule: if you want to do something dramatic/big, wait 24 hours and see if you still feel the same way the next day. Or you can take twice as much time to do half as many things in order to slow down the high octane, flammable energy activated by this quartet!

So this week, easy does it – you don’t have to attend every event or accept every invitation. You can choose where your attention goes and I urge you to really be mindful and disciplined with self-care: rest, take care of business, eat well, exercise and go within.

The energy is frenetic out there which can be an invitation to chaos, but  remember, you don’t have to accept the invitation!

“Sometimes when you speak in haste, the truth comes out unauthorized.” ~ Lisa Nichols

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