Birthday Reading

A Birthday Reading – or your Solar Return, is a yearly event when the Sun returns to the exact degree, minute and second where it was located at the moment of your birth. 

Your Solar Return Sun sign is always the same as your Natal sun sign. Its house position will change from year to year, indicating the area of life that will be a major focal point for you in the coming year. The Moon, Ascendant and other planets will shift to new signs and houses making new aspects – and therefore, a new experience, in a given year. 

This is a reading about where the focus will be for you – and what you can expect during your current or upcoming birthday year.

A relocated Solar Return shows the energies that will take place where you live now – or where you will be when your Solar Return occurs, even if you are on vacation. Some people choose their birthday locations with the idea of influencing the rest of their year, which is doable.

Your location at the moment of your Solar Return determines your chart and experience – and sets the tone for the coming year for you.

Therefore, if you want to travel to create the optimum birthday chart, you should have the reading at least a few months prior to your birthday so you can make any travel plans necessary.

I will need your location for the time of your Solar Return (your birthday) in order to create your chart, so please include that along with your birth information for me. Email info to Thank you!

Birthday Reading (Solar Return) – $297


Combo: Coming Attractions and Birthday Reading – $497

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Rescheduling may take place up to 24 hours in advance without a $200 rescheduling fee. No shows forfeit their session.