Between Eclipses – Week of Dec 5, ’11

We are between two Eclipses with Mercury in Retrograde. How are you experiencing this energy?

I’ve been hearing lots of Mercury Retrograde “Plus” stories. I call them “Plus” due to the Eclipses, which adds a  dramatic element to the mix.

If the unexpected triggers you, let me remind you that you have a choice in the experience you ultimately have.

If you’re in reaction, you probably feel out of control in some way. It’s often not even the info or event that really triggers you – it’s the fact that whatever’s happening was not your decision. Somewhere inside there’s a “No!” in response to the experience.

To bring yourself back to center, stop, take a breath and go within.

I offer you this new mantra: “I allow for my Highest Good by opening to new possibilities.”

We are in a time of major changes, shifts and revisions. Whatever is out of alignment will make itself known as a whisper and then escalate to a roar until it gets your attention!

As we approach 2012, we’re getting a major push to deliver our being to a higher level of consciousness, so expect everything that’s out of order to come up to be seen and healed.

Do not give up on yourself and your dreams! Get the support you need to move forward because you didn’t come this far to stop in mid-process. You are a Lightworker here to usher in Love and Light and purifying your own energy is part of your job.

This is the perfect time to schedule your astrology reading for 2012. If you’re ready to gain clarity about your journey, you will so benefit from this deeper look into your upcoming path with intuitive guidance.

I wish you love and many blessings – and easy does it this week!

The goal of spiritual living is not to amass a wealth of information, but to experience the sacredness in each moment with presence and open-heartedness.

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